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I was born in 1974. I live in Kanagawa pref. Japan.

I suffered from illness from in my 20s. I was already 40s when I felt better. It took around 15 years.

In spring 2015, I decided to study English, and I had been listening to BBC aimlessly. I got the 2nd grade of Eiken(English test in Japan) in autumn. I began to study hard from 2016, and I got 705 points on the TOEIC test in April. In September 2018, I got 900 points.

I went on a trip to Singapore in commemoration of getting 800 points and pre-1st grade of Eiken test.

I tried to earn money individually during my illness. And I realized it's painfully difficult. And I quit most activities. But I have still had the ambition to write Kindle books in English.

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