Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tsurezure about learning English or other languages

I felt that I don't need to write this blog if I have nothing to write.
But I'll write something.

I did recitation training after about one week vacancy. I found again that recitation training make me improved English listening ability. And when the brain for listening is improved, reading ability is also improved.

The training is to temporarily memorize NHK English course's sentences and read aloud from one's own brain.

I will say another thing related to obtain language skills.

I come to think that for Japanese the basement of language training must be NHK language course. It's cheap and has many kind of course. I know a Chinese speaker who is the husband of my mother's friend, and his secret of Chinese language mastery was also NHK language course, I heard.

And you need to stick around your language training anyway. I took about 2 years from starting serious English training to speak a little decent speech. I can say further that I additionally need one years for blurred thought of English mastery before that.

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