Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recitating is good for me

I started recitation traning in English.

A polyglot tweeted on Twitter that he had trained his English skill with recitating English book. And I found a book says that recitation is good English training for those who is near 800 of TOEIC L&R. So I who seeking new training for NHK English cource by Satoshi Sugita decided to try recitation its skits.

I already completed recitating 4 skits. It takes about 40 munites to have done a skit. It's the same time as my usual training with NHK English cource. I need about 40 minutes for a lesson of it. So I can intake this training into daily routine.

I typically review the cource after one day, three days, one week, one month and two months. So I renew the reviews after two months as recitation training.

I want not to say about that but my English skill is improving thanks for the training. I can listen to BBC more easily then ever.  It was happened after only three days.

I will continue to try this training.

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