Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pondering about the future

As I wrote in Japanese, I couldn't pass pre1 grade Eiken test.

I already knew about that by my self check, so I wasn't so shocked. That is better point than TOEIC test.

I'll continue to learn English as usual, and I'll take the next test in autumn.

I have been blur about after getting high score on TOEIC test or passed pre1 grade Eiken test. But I'm considering getting USCPA. I don't have account or business degrees, so I could only get 'Pass'. I heard that even that is valuable among the job market.

Actually I come to dislike getting a job, especially IT related jobs, which made me suffered from illness for over 10 years. But someday I will be unable to live by national supports. The day when I have to rerurn workforce will come. I need to boost my value in the job market.

I spend tough time when pondering that sort of thing. I sometimes think that I must have died by illness when I was 3 years old employee of a subsidiary of Fujitsu, and that a man getting older without specific standpoint, partner and children is too sad.

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