Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I watched WWDC keynote

I watched yesterday's WWDC keynote.

I was disappointed because I can't get new iPad mini but I was surprised about Homepod. It showed great feature for me. But I can't buy it in Japan I'm sorry about that.

I expected new iPad mini but new iPad Pro 10 inches can help me maybe. But I'm not sure I will purchase it. iPad mini which I'm using is very useful for me, so I can't drop my iPad mini.

I will talk about different things after here.

I can listen to WWDC17 Keynote. So my English ability is enough for me. But the English test which I took was Not enough. I'm considering not to continue to study English. But I will continue to study NHK English anyway. I have to say that Mr. Sugita in NHK English is great English teacher and great opinion leader.

And writing this blog in English will be continued.

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