Monday, June 5, 2017

Eiken test

I took pre1 grade Eiken test yesterday.

I will say before hand, vocabulary questions was relatively easy, and I felt needs to improve writing and listening.

I don't know where I have to say. I watched BBC in the morning. I found something incident happened in London. I was so upset. I bought bitcoin anyway. It was the worst start of testing day.

I was a first applicant at the venue. I arrived one hour before. I was listening BBC's local radio in the classroom with iPad. It was hard to listen to the information about the incident.

I have to say talk about the test. I touched writing test at first anyway. I am not good at handwriting, and I felt I mistook the spelling. I have to say it was the writing test if I couldn't pass the examination.

Vocabulary questions was easier than I thought. I touched the vocabulary questions before listening test.

To be honest, listening test was the toughest. I need to improve listening ability in English.

I can get the right answer this afternoon. So I will post the result of the test in Japanese.

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