Recitation training is for me

Recitation training will count the seventh times today.

I thought it was hard to do. But it's much easier than I thought. Of course I read materials aloud many times enough to recitate it. And I found that recitation training is a finisher for reading aloud training.

I don't have any special thing to say. So that's all for today.


Reading the dictionary is continuing

As I said on this blog, I'm reading a dictionary every night.

It reached 140 pages, out of 800 pages. It took about two and a half months for me to reach the page. It's more hard to continue this routine than I had thought. It will take about a year to finish reading the dictionary.

I already bought a dictionary for next. But it was too much early.


dream can't realize, can it?

A person said that you are full of dreams, but that's a good thing?

I went to the crinic, and I talked about USCPA to A doctor. He said that I am full of dreams. I felt as if I can't realize it, or as if it has no means to realize that sort of thing. In my house I felt myself angry.

I feel bad when I remember that every time.

Once I began to evaluate the thing can realize, it's not a dream, but a proposition to prove.


Recitating is good for me

I started recitation traning in English.

A polyglot tweeted on Twitter that he had trained his English skill with recitating English book. And I found a book says that recitation is good English training for those who is near 800 of TOEIC L&R. So I who seeking new training for NHK English cource by Satoshi Sugita decided to try recitation its skits.

I already completed recitating 4 skits. It takes about 40 munites to have done a skit. It's the same time as my usual training with NHK English cource. I need about 40 minutes for a lesson of it. So I can intake this training into daily routine.

I typically review the cource after one day, three days, one week, one month and two months. So I renew the reviews after two months as recitation training.

I want not to say about that but my English skill is improving thanks for the training. I can listen to BBC more easily then ever.  It was happened after only three days.

I will continue to try this training.


Attended a meeting for USCPA

I am very tired because I got back home late yesterday.
As you already know, I took part in a informational meeting at the prep school in Shinjuku for USCPA.

I found the exam will be very hard because it takes four hours per subject. I need to take four subjects.

But USCPA course at the prep school seemed not too tough. So I will take the course after learning English satisfies me. By some chance I will forget about that.

Taking USCPA is becoming not special for me.


Going to Shinjuku

As I said in this blog, I'm going to Shinjuku today to attend the informational meeting at a prep school.

I haven't decided to join the cause of USCPA yet. Anyway I should know about the details of it. After that I can decide not to join the course. I have to take action.

I haven't been to Tokyo for a long time. I am staying Shinjuku for two hours or so, but I wish I could be able to feel something.


Listening to English doing other things

I have nothing to say as usual.

As I said in YouTube video, I am listening to BBC while doing other things for about two years. The article of Scientific America says that listening English while doing something else is a good way to support learning English. Your subconscious is listening to the content and reviewing what you have learned.

Actually I'm not sure about because I don't have certain evidence about that. But my feeling is that it's sure that I am learning something during listening to BBC doing other things.

The downside is that your boss won't accept about that in the working hours maybe.


My pronunciation is improving

I don't have anything to say today as usual.

I got 95 points on a pronunciation test.


Recently i'm losing confidence of pronunciation but Voice input method is improving its recognition rate of my voice. So I thought my pronunciation is becoming better by some chance.

But I wondered they can estimate my pronunciation through MacBook's mic.


Still improving

I am sure you are being bored about this kind of thing.
But I am improving my listening skill lately. And I want to encourage myself to learn English more by this blog article.

Recently I have time to practice English listening for about 30 minutes or one hour before studying NHK English course every morning. The Archers, BBC global news, WSJ Live, and YouTube videos in English etc.

I remember that I wrote in this blog that I improved listening skill as if I can input directly in my brain. But the same kind of phenomenon is becoming common, I felt. My daily effort made me a better English listener than the period.


Going to Shinjuku

I am going to Shinjuku to attend the presentation about USCPA course at a prep school next Sunday.

I haven't decided to take the exam yet though, I have to listen about that anyway, and after that I'm considering about the money to prepare.

I'm wondering whether I am qualified for taking USCPA, and that its cost performance is enough to boost my value in the job market. I did already learned about that on the Internet, but I should verify those things.


Pondering about the future

As I wrote in Japanese, I couldn't pass pre1 grade Eiken test.

I already knew about that by my self check, so I wasn't so shocked. That is better point than TOEIC test.

I'll continue to learn English as usual, and I'll take the next test in autumn.

I have been blur about after getting high score on TOEIC test or passed pre1 grade Eiken test. But I'm considering getting USCPA. I don't have account or business degrees, so I could only get 'Pass'. I heard that even that is valuable among the job market.

Actually I come to dislike getting a job, especially IT related jobs, which made me suffered from illness for over 10 years. But someday I will be unable to live by national supports. The day when I have to rerurn workforce will come. I need to boost my value in the job market.

I spend tough time when pondering that sort of thing. I sometimes think that I must have died by illness when I was 3 years old employee of a subsidiary of Fujitsu, and that a man getting older without specific standpoint, partner and children is too sad.









Grade pre1 Eiken test, the result is today

I will get that result of Eiken test today.
I know I couldn't pass the exam, so today is nothing special for me as usual.

But I have to admit the result. I will write new article about that in Japanese in the afternoon.

I'll took the autumn's exam again if I couldn't pass the exam exactly. I need to prepare for listening section. This test is teaching me I need it.


Improving my English isn't getting high score?

I have nothing to say as usual.

I come to guess TOEIC score doesn't equivalent real English abilities. Of cource my English skill isn't enough, but TOEIC needs quick actions much more than listening skill. So I'm gradually questioning TOEIC score system.

On the other hand, I may overcome the test with better English ability than now, I guess. So I see that people with high score is very crazy English user who made much effort to improve their skill. I need to be like them.

Whether I get high score or not, I continue to make effort for English abilities. It doesn't make any pain for me.


Mentally tired

I'm mentally tired. So I'm reluctant to write this blog this morning.

I took a practice test of TOEIC and I got the terrible result of it. I got 63 Point of raw score, and it's saying my expectable score of listening section is around 310. As I already wrote in Japanese, The practice test isn't like a true TOEIC test. I guess that maybe the score  is fake too.

I will try the practice test which I already took today or tomorrow.

I am still using iOS Voice input method, I need to correct my input if it couldn't recognize. But this system is totally fun for me. I can't led it recognize my pronunciation of 'is'. I couldn't learn the correct pronunciation of it when I was Junior high school student. At the first you should learn pronunciation anyway.




Part1 4/6(66%)
Part2 14/25(56%)
Part3 28/39(71%)
Part4 17/30(56%)
合計 63/100
予想スコア 310-330










Eiken test makes me busy

The result of Eiken test will be revealed next Monday.

I see I can't pass the examination, because I couldn't do the best performance in the listening test. I have a schedule for over night trip next month. I need to reschedule for NHK English, that's very complicated for me. So not passing the exam is a little helping for me, actually. If I have pass the exam, I would have a need for participating in second exam, an interview in English, next month.

I want to talk about that on Monday in Japanese.


Who I dislike anyway

I don't want to say anything today.

I found the one Who did fight with me on Twitter dissed me again. He usually retweets the others opinions, and hardly say his own opinions except of criticism to others, which make me irritated. Yesterday I watched his tweets after a long time, and I found he dissed me, in addition he misunderstanding me, by some chance intentionally.

I know he is evil and his character trait makes him not to seem decent Japanese. His thought, at first he judge others by TOEIC score and he disses who is below him, is distorting Japanese English learners society on twitter. He seeking others' weakness and disses. I could never become his friend. I want him to be who is never existing in my mind.


Nation's name

I have nothing to write about myself and my surroundings. So I want to say about the same thing on YouTube video.

Philippine is considering changing the nations name, I read about it in Wall Street Journal. They are saying that Philip is Spanish king, so Philippine sounds dependent. On the other hand, some says Philip is Christian name so they must be proud.

The discussion is very complicated for Zen and Shinto people like me, so I'm not sure which one is right. I said in YouTube that they must change pronunciation-friendly for poor Japanese like me jokingly, but it's important matter for them so I think they have to be careful about that anyway.


Taking English exams

I don't have a particular thing to say.

I'm waiting for the result of Eiken test, which I can't pass maybe. I found why I can't get the high score on TOEIC test. My downside is listening In English.

But I dislike English test so if I pass the Eiken test, I will, by some chance, quit the English exam. I have said about that many times on my blog. But maybe I will continue taking exams, because to take the exam is very encouraging for me on the other hand.

I'm practicing the English training every day alone. So it's important for me to know many people studying English except for me.


A dentist is great

I already talked about the dentist on YouTube video.
But I have nothing to say on the blog too. So I had to say about the dentist.

I'm not sure you know or not, but I wrote about a dentist many times before. She aren't trustworthy. And I switched the new dentist recently. The dentist was great. Their utensils using water, but they let the water not flow into my throat. So I don't feel yuck. So I don't have to worry about the dentist.

By some chance The dentist like them may be norm now, and simply I may be becoming a old uncle. But it's a good thing to say for me.


My town's stories

Kanto region entered in rainy season, Tsuyu.
My town is holding hydrangea festival but it's countryside of the town.

My town is the stage of two Mangas. The first is Sankarea, a zombie story, and the second is Bye Bye Humankind, a zombie story too maybe. I read the episode 1 of BBH recently, and thought "zombies again..."

I don't know why manga artists look at my town as a zombie town, but my town suits zombies maybe. That's the harsh reality anyway.

My nearby city Odawara is the stage of Haruki Murakami's novel. We need such cool folks, not zombie mania. But my town is not special so it's thankful for us to be in siege by zombies.






・語彙力9500から10000くらい(Test Your Vocabularyによる)




・CNN English Express(音読系)









「引く」ではなく「暗記」でもなく「読む」だ。Longman Wordwise Dictionaryという辞書を最初から読んでいる。最初は「わからない単語に一回は目を通す」目的だったが、このレベルの辞書では全然わからない単語というのはほとんどなく、知っている単語の知らない語義に目を通すという目的になりつつある。それに多読的な効果も感じている。


3月から先月までJapanNewsを読んでいたが、多読としてかなり良かった。ポイントはある程度理解できる英語を大量に読むことで、読んでわからないものをわかるように精読するのとは違うアプローチをしている。今はWall Street Journalを毎日読んでいる。レベル的にWSJはJapanNewsより微妙に難しいのだが、今はそれほど苦もなく読んでいる。なお、全ての記事に目を通す的な英語学習っぽさは飽きてやめる原因になるので、普通の新聞と同じように見出しを見て気になった記事だけ読むようにしている。





・WSJ Liveを視聴(多聴)

最近取り入れてみた。Wall Street Journalの動画が見られるiOSのアプリで、毎朝30分くらい使って見るようにしている。多読多聴はある程度意味が汲み取れるレベルの人でないとあまり意味はないと思う。




Chinese as sophisticated people

I have nothing to say as usual.
So I will say about what I said on YouTube video. About China.

I haven't been there but I see Chinese is becoming sophisticated people. I read a WSJ article about China and I found a word, bike sharing. I thought they are dropping bicycles, riding automobiles and polluting their environment. They will become more sophisticated people same as Japanese, or by some chance more, I guess.

I want to see Chinese society but lacking of freedom of thought in China is a fear of mine.


Learning is endless

My speech last about three minutes in my YouTube video.

It was the first time since about 100 days ago when I started speech training in YouTube. Of cource I can't speak smoothly at take-one. But it was great improving for me to speak in English such a long time. I'll become a better speaker than now, someday.

But my obstacles is appearing now too. My prononciation is not enough. And I don't have certain thought of things like politics and economy. I need to learn more even though I'm in 40s. Learning is endless, I found.


WSJ Live is nice

I tried WSJ Live, the video report by Wall Street Journal.

I'm reading Wall Street Journal recently with its app. And I found WSJ Live in App Store. I finally tried the app and I find it very nice.

I'm not sure you know or not, Wall Street Journal handles many kinds of issues, not only market issues. It's very good for training for English listening. Of course you need to understand what they say, but they had various kinds of issues, that is very interesting for adults.

I like YouTube videos for English training, but they have only particular kind of theme, knowledge for students, entrepreneurs' mindset etc. I think that WSJ is better than these videos.

Maybe you like it.


I sacrificed 10,000 yen

I found bitcoin was out of bounds.

I didn't write yesterday, and I'll avoid the detail. Bitcoin FX isn't for investors with small amount of money.

If you want to throw money into bitcoin market, but what you have to bare in mind is that there is big amatur investors in the market who act thoughtlessly about their bigness. They drop the market into chaos.

So I bought actuals and decided rarely checking the charts. Hence I really scrificed 10,000 yen.


I watched WWDC keynote

I watched yesterday's WWDC keynote.

I was disappointed because I can't get new iPad mini but I was surprised about Homepod. It showed great feature for me. But I can't buy it in Japan I'm sorry about that.

I expected new iPad mini but new iPad Pro 10 inches can help me maybe. But I'm not sure I will purchase it. iPad mini which I'm using is very useful for me, so I can't drop my iPad mini.

I will talk about different things after here.

I can listen to WWDC17 Keynote. So my English ability is enough for me. But the English test which I took was Not enough. I'm considering not to continue to study English. But I will continue to study NHK English anyway. I have to say that Mr. Sugita in NHK English is great English teacher and great opinion leader.

And writing this blog in English will be continued.






大問1:21/25 (84%)
大問2:4/6 (66%)
大問3:8/10 (80%)
合計:33/41 (80%)

Part1 : 3/12 (25%)
Part2 : 6/12 (50%)
Part3 : 3/5 (60%)
合計:12/29 (41%)

RとLの合計:45/70 (64%)





Eiken test

I took pre1 grade Eiken test yesterday.

I will say before hand, vocabulary questions was relatively easy, and I felt needs to improve writing and listening.

I don't know where I have to say. I watched BBC in the morning. I found something incident happened in London. I was so upset. I bought bitcoin anyway. It was the worst start of testing day.

I was a first applicant at the venue. I arrived one hour before. I was listening BBC's local radio in the classroom with iPad. It was hard to listen to the information about the incident.

I have to say talk about the test. I touched writing test at first anyway. I am not good at handwriting, and I felt I mistook the spelling. I have to say it was the writing test if I couldn't pass the examination.

Vocabulary questions was easier than I thought. I touched the vocabulary questions before listening test.

To be honest, listening test was the toughest. I need to improve listening ability in English.

I can get the right answer this afternoon. So I will post the result of the test in Japanese.















Pre1 grade Eiken test

Today is pre1 grade Eiken test.

I can say that I couldn't pass the exam. Reading questions is very easy for me, but vocabulary questions incredibly hard. I can drop 80% of vocabulary questions on the test. But I already applied it, so I need to go out before eight.

I will write about the exam after coming back home in Japanese. I will write in English tomorrow too.


Nikkei225 overcame 20000

It was a great day for investors in Japan yesterday.

Nikkei225 draw a sharp spike, and I recover a loss when it was relatively deep gap a while back. Last night's CES wasn't critical damage for Nikkei225.

we will have a big gain in the long run. Monthly chart of Nikkei225 entered the third wave of Erriot wave principle. The third is going to be the most large gain in five wave.

I was a only child when previous bubble occared, 1990's. I didn't know how great the gain, and I was really excited that I will get great gain again.


Crypt coin trading

Real-coin FX isn't very good situation, but crypt coin FX is relatively good.

I found my bitcoin strategy working well. I can trade with one hour chart, so I will try four hour chart next for more long term deal.

I'm using optimal f for bitcoin. I'm afraid of full-optimal f so I'm using quarter optimal f. Half optimal is also risky for me. Speaking to optimal f, I get Ralph Vince's most affordable book, but I can't read it because it has many mathematical words. The result of concentration extensive English in news is that. I'm very sorry.


I lost

I lose almost all the profit of FX this year.

I focused bitcoin FX and I forgot real-coin FX, and I missed escape points. Of cource I set up stop-loss order, but I entered several position and I lose half of the deal. I shocked a little.

I follow 2% rule and I don't lose initial investing money for FX at all for now.