Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My vocabulary size in English


I don't have anything which I have to talk about.

I checked my vocabulary size on Test Your Vocabulary. I also talked it on YouTube video. My estimated vocabulary size is 10300 words. It said the size which you come to be able to read books in English. Exactly I began to read English books. If you want to pass 1st grade of Eiken test, you need 12000 words. Further more, you want to read newspaper in English, it will be easy when you have 9000 words.

It's simply my boast. I couldn't get high score on TOEIC test, so I wanted to revenge at other viewpoints.

Actually I need only about 7500 words for pre1 grade Eiken test. Another way to say, if I couldn't pass the test in next June, it's painfully embarrassing. I'm digging hole and trapping myself.

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