Monday, May 29, 2017

Crypt coin exchange

I searched in Twitter about bitcoin. And I Signed up bitFlyer, a bitcoin exchange, which has FX trade function.

I found that bitFlyer Lightning, bitcoin FX trade tool, is relatively decent system for me. It provides full size FX experience, at least according to its appearance. I will proceede signup procedure and I will try to trade at the exchange.

I have to say the point which unsatisfied me. Firstly, turning off the sound of cashier can't set up as default, that is simply irritating. I don't need pachinko type of app. Second, I don't need chat window in FX app. Finally, the chart can't display the candlestick's detail when it's tapped.

And I have to say what I haven't experienced about bitFlyer, their enforcement abilities for order. It's the most crucial function of exchange. I don't know about that. I'll sacrify 10,000 yen and try it anyway.

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