Strategy for bitcoin FX

I made the strategy of bitcoin FX.

I will not say about that because it's too simple to copy me. If you have experience of trading, you can win the market of bitcoin. Too simple.

I can't pass the real address check for bitFlyer. When I went out, A postal man came up to my house maybe, under he found my absence. Automatically bitFlyer tracking it sent another postcard to me again.

I already sent 10000 yen for sacrifice to them. I come to think sending another 10000 yen for easy trading.


Reducing English listening ability

Recently I am feeling my listening ability is reducing.

I have not been listening English with concentration. So even when I concentrate to English, I couldn't listen decently. It's a terrible situation for me before Eiken test.

Of cource I'm continuing studying NHK English cource, but I had more hard, longtime training before. My training time was almost 4 hours before.

I don't have a special will for English abilities lately, so I don't need afraid to reduce my English ability a little.


Crypt coin exchange

I searched in Twitter about bitcoin. And I Signed up bitFlyer, a bitcoin exchange, which has FX trade function.

I found that bitFlyer Lightning, bitcoin FX trade tool, is relatively decent system for me. It provides full size FX experience, at least according to its appearance. I will proceede signup procedure and I will try to trade at the exchange.

I have to say the point which unsatisfied me. Firstly, turning off the sound of cashier can't set up as default, that is simply irritating. I don't need pachinko type of app. Second, I don't need chat window in FX app. Finally, the chart can't display the candlestick's detail when it's tapped.

And I have to say what I haven't experienced about bitFlyer, their enforcement abilities for order. It's the most crucial function of exchange. I don't know about that. I'll sacrify 10,000 yen and try it anyway.


Without shame

Of course I don't have bitcoin or something.

I searched tweet by winner of crypt coin, and I found that they are clever trader who has the basis of market. The more fools there is, the more profit they have. Reading what they say without shame, I felt that they are devils.

My update was late this morning. I couldn't write a lot.


I got some money

I'm sure you are not interested in FX. But I will say about it.

I exited all of my position of  FX. I get much from GBPUSD, little from CADCHF and EURCAD. Totally I got some money. I began to think it's not the special.

My realized gain from FX this year is around 5% for now. It's great for me if I could get 10% from FX this year.

A famous investor Makoto Matsushita said in his YouTube video that you can concentrate your money toward FX if your investing equity is small. I began to think that Nikkei225 leverage ETF isn't efficient way of getting money. So I began to think to do what he said.


Feeling weaken

I wanted to have a sabotage but I'll write a little.

I had some long position of AUDNZD but it have hit the loss cut point.

I remembered very hateful memory. I am feeling weaken.


In good shape

In Tokyo time the market denies my decision. In Europe time market agrees my decision.

Totally my position is in good shape. I have been familiar with FX, so I am thinking transfer my money for stock market to FX security. I'm not sure when it will be realized.

The crows are very noisy every morning, and the voice input method don't work well.


FX and sushi in Japan

Suddenly, my pronunciation became wrong, of course usually wrong, so I type this article with iOS keyboard directly.

I get some revenue from two long position, CADJPY and NZDUSD. And I have three short position now, EURCAD, GBPUSD, CADCHF. it's becoming like Europe short, North America long, but I don't have particular meaning of these position. Simply judged from charts.

I heard that sushi and sashimi aren't sold in Japan recently. A celebrity hit the food poisoning and mediums broadcast about that, I hard. And people who watch that avoid sushi and sashimi. A supermarket stoped selling these because no one buy it.

Sushi which my family and I ate last evening was very nice.

P.S. CADCHF was long position. I mistook.


Three FX positions

I have two long position and a short position on FX.
It's good status except of EURCAD short. Totally good.

I'm planing to boost my equity for FX. I simply send my money to the FX security from my deposit. The money for FX will be doubled, but initially my equity for FX is small. so it's not big deal.

I think FX is more efficiency than Nikkei225 ETF, so by some chance I may transfer my money to FX security. I'm not sure about that yet. Nikkei225 is good time to buy so I'm waiting for buying 225 ETF.


Marked 100 day

My YouTube practice video in English marked 100 day.

Because I had sabotaged only one day, it's 101st since I began to upload YouTube video in English, actually. But continuing to upload is hard.

Around the 90th I found my English speech is improving. I can make slow but long speech. Many kind of English training make me better speaker than Day1.


Being a HSP

I suddenly know I am HSP, highly sensitive people.

Yesterday I found NHK said about HSP on Twitter. A Japanese woman draw a peace of manga about HSP. She's also HSP. I tried a check sheet for HSP and I found myself on the borderline of that. I bought a book about HSP at Kindle books, and I have read about half of the book last night. The book taught me about character traits of HSP, and it was me.

I don't want to be such a weak character. But I have to admit that I'm a HSP.

Good point of me as HSP is that I can know the timing of sell short of Nikkei225. Knowing change of subtle situations which is the character trait of HSP is better than you think. But when I started trading I found it's tough to have loss cut deal. It was a character trait of HSP too, maybe.

I don't want to say about heavy burdens for working for Japanese SI company in Tokyo. It was very hard because I am a HSP, maybe.


Too simple mention about optimal f

I didn't say about Optimal f's details so I I will try to mention it simply.

Calculating amount of deal is crucial for trading. If it was too much you will lose all at once. The point is deciding amount of lost at first. After that you calculate the amount of the deal.

Optimal f is the technique of calculate amount of deal With mathematics. Optimal f is very aggressive technique for trade so you need simulate your deal before hand.

I pondered using this technique yesterday. But I decided not to use this technique because it's too aggressive so I would lose my money quickly once I would lose the deal. I like 2% rule, which regulates 2% of my money for a deal.

But I ordered the book of basic thought of this technique at BookDepository.


Optimal f

I suddenly woke up because optimal f came to my mind during sleep.

I googled that and I checked my FX's gain in this year. Value f was 0.08. By some chance, my curriculation is wrong, but the result said "you bet 23% of your money." I using "2% rule", so I was very surprised. If I lose 4 times, I lose almost all money for FX.

I guess the web site which I searched was wrong. So I need the true information from book or something.


English speaking nephew

I want to say about my little nephew, 3 years old.
(I am using voice input method, as usual)

As I wrote someday, he speaks English sometimes. Especially when he wants to say "I won't" or simply "no", he says "no no no no". I tried to ask him "what's this" in English, having chopsticks, and he said "ashi". Maybe he wanted to say "hashi". He can understand simple English. His mother said she do nothing. Maybe YouTube video told him English, and he intake. Maybe same thing is happening in the world.

It passed several days since I started using voice input method. I often correct wrong sentences by this system. This system often mistakes. But it's very easy to input by this system, including correcting mistakes. In addition, input by voice is very good English practice for me. I want to say thank you to the developers.


Losing eagerness to learn

I have nothing to say especially on this blog.
But I got two long position of two currency pairs. GBPUSD and USDCHF.

Actually I woke up at the middle of the night. and I can't to go to bed. So I want to looking for something nice currency pairs to investigate. But it's not too good for me to do such a thing in the middle of the night. I have unrealized loss.

By the way, I am not having eagerness to study English. I didn't do extensive reading at all yesterday. And I'm feeling it's not special to study English. I'm going to take Eiken test, but provably I couldn't pass the exam maybe. I am losing eagerness anyway.


Tsurezure Diary

I sold some inverse ETF and I bought some leverage ETF.
I had that long a portion of USD/JPY.

I wanted to have the long position initially. So I back to the right track.

Yesterday I went to see a dentist. He's great. But when I brushed my teeth, I found I removed something in my teeth. So I have to contact the dentist.


Chart and numbers

The price will be revealed after 15 minutes.

Today's market will be plunge maybe. It realized "sell in May". But I'm not happy because North Korea's misile was launched, and I bought some inverse ETF before that as if I know that. Of course I am not their friend. I've noticed with the daily char and the numbers being moving. It's hard to be understood.


English muscle training

My pronunciation in English is becoming a big issue, because as you know I am inputting this blog by voice input method recently.

I have a little problem with input method. So I need to improve my pronunciation more. I was looking for something to improve my pronunciation, and I found a book named jingle English pronunciation. And I ordered it.

I already tried that method, through iPhone app. And I found that it was training for pronunciation muscle. Just reading English sentences. I'm not sure that could improve my English pronunciation. But only using book is cheap so I will try it anyway.


After Eiken test

I have entered inverse ETF again yesterday.
And I found Nikkei225 was plunging again this morning, I am happy to report, but not happy for someone.

I want to say about other thing. That's not good for me.

I come to think quitting English training. It's hard to continue the same English training. Another way to say, The simple every day English training is boring. So I'm thinking trying to rebuild my English trainings, after pre1 grade Eiken test.

If I get the Eiken test, I will do English thing which I feel happy.


About lost trade

I don't have enough time to say.
And I don't have anything to say.

My long position of inverse ETF was lose trade, reached loss-cut line. But in the night session of Nikkei225 futures, it plunged. I'm not sure that it's "sell in may". But I can say that it was one day faster to buy inverse ETF.

It's difficult for me to say complicated thing like stock market by voice input method. So I didn't do Utes voice input method. Except of simple sentences. I will continue to use voice input method as well as possible.


I sold

I forget the most important thing.

I sold Nomura holdings' shares yesterday. And I bought double inverse ETF. I'm not sure it's the right choice for now.

Writing voice input method 2

I'm using voice input method, as you know.
I want to say about this.

Yesterday I was using this input method for a while. I found I couldn't use this input method perfectly. So I have to correct my wrong word to what I want to say. It's easier than as usual though.

The most important downside is that I have to turn off my radio or TV, or I have to correct my word which I said. I want for Apple computer to fix this problem.

Totally this system is very good. And good for my English twinning. I will continue to use the system for a while.

Thank you for reading.


Writing by voice input method

I don't have anything to say today.

So I started to try to use voice input method. This system is difficult for me to use because my pronunciation is a little bat. So this system select a different word. I need to correct the word what I want to say. So it takes too much time to input by voice.

But this input method is good for my English training. So I'll use it every morning. Maybe my blog will be terrible sentences. But my pronunciation will be great. And my blog will be a little funny.

I will try to write interesting articles even if I use this voice input method.


Feeling better

My condition dramatically changed for better.

I doubt that I'm alcoholic related illness, because sleeping after drink I felt better. But it need to see myself for a while.

I bought some Nomura HD's stock. I guess that it's the same pattern as previous years moving, no giving timing to buy and going upward. Even if it would be outraged by "sell in May" anomaly, I would hold the stock maybe.




















I'll take time off. I'm suddenly becoming lazy today.
I won't also upload YouTube video after over 80 days continues.



I have nothing to write as usual.
I'm bored everyday life.

Improving my English skill is becoming nothing special. I need to do something new for continuing English trainings.



I have nothing to write as usual.

What happened when I rode train yesterday must not be told maybe.

It's Golden Week in Japan, spring holiday, but I'm doing really the same thing: English training, watching BBC and twitter and drinking around 5 PM. Recently I'm feeling bored.


My vocabulary size in English


I don't have anything which I have to talk about.

I checked my vocabulary size on Test Your Vocabulary. I also talked it on YouTube video. My estimated vocabulary size is 10300 words. It said the size which you come to be able to read books in English. Exactly I began to read English books. If you want to pass 1st grade of Eiken test, you need 12000 words. Further more, you want to read newspaper in English, it will be easy when you have 9000 words.

It's simply my boast. I couldn't get high score on TOEIC test, so I wanted to revenge at other viewpoints.

Actually I need only about 7500 words for pre1 grade Eiken test. Another way to say, if I couldn't pass the test in next June, it's painfully embarrassing. I'm digging hole and trapping myself.


Result of TOEIC test

I got 765 points on TOEIC test.

It's very disappointing for me. But I can say I'm keeping my English ability for peace of my mind. I'm taking Eiken pre1 grade in June, and I'll take TOEIC test again if I passed the Eiken test.

On the other hand, it's enough for 40s to get over750 after hard efforts, I feel. So somewhere in my mind, I can leave English tests and enjoy more using English, reading books in English for example. Of cource I need to keep my English training, but I don't need to hurt middle age's pride by tests.







How Starbucks Saved My Life

I finished reading a book named How Starbucks Saved My Life.

What I have to say as English learner is that I often lose the direction of story because the scenes often changes between Mike's memories and his present life. But it was totally easy for intermediate English learners to read this book.

Mike works at very ideal workplace with ideal coworkers. But at first of this story his life was very poor, so you need to overcome hard experiences with Mike. His characteristics make his life gradually better and you feel enjoyable reading this story.

I'll read a book named Business For Punks from today. I interested in this title of the book. But I didn't checked how difficult this book is.