Saturday, April 22, 2017

Growing up as English learner

Everything is as usual. I practice English and read English newspapers and books. So I can't write except about the recent achievements of my English training.

I'm reading the English book, How StarBucks Saved My Life. And I reached the half of the book. It took 7 days. I thought that I needed 10 days all through the book, but It was underestimate. I need about 7 days more maybe. But my reading speed is dramatically changed. Search Inside Yourself which I have read needed over a month. That was the same volume as HSSML. My reading speed is doubled these days.

I don't know how fast my speed of reading will become. But the more I read, the faster my reading speed become. Learning language is great for even middle-aged to feel grown up. I sometimes forget that I'm 43.

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