Friday, April 28, 2017

Exited Nikkei225 and my nephew

I'll write a important thing beforehand.

I exited all long position of Nikkei225 leverage ETF. I'm getting around 6% of revenue, including FX, from market this year for now. I can't be living by these gain but it's a help to think myself worth for getting money. It's maybe only mean not to think myself worthless to live in Japan which is pressuring me to return terrible society after years of illness.

Far from fluency as I am, my speaking skill gradually improving. I know you are bored these kind of boast of mine. But I need to encourage myself to learn hard everyday.

I cashed Hulu for watching BBC World News, and I found it useful to play with my little nephew. He liked cray anime for kids. So I need to keeping my cash for Hulu next month.

My little nephew speaks English words, as I wrote before. So I spoke in English to him, and I had a strange behavior suddenly. He studied English words, but he didn't learn speaking in English actually. I thought I mustn't speak to him in English any more. It makes his learning Japanese delay probably.

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