Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Extensive reading is great

I began to think to restart my trading on FX and Japanese stock market.

But the currency pair I aimed was already primary cycle bottom maybe, so I may not trade on FX in March too. I see Nikkei225's primary cycle bottom will come in March. But I found it healthy to forget trading. So I come to think I quit trading, now that I could get better TOEIC score lately. Trading is too much stressful to lead a healthy life.

I'm reading English newspaper, JapanNews. It's hard to read it from top to end. But I already felt the effect of extensive reading. I sometimes write that, but I came to be able to listen to BBC more easily. I wrote someday that I read a book for one hour and that I can listen more decently. I think that English understanding part in my brain is stimulated by reading.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Reading all of newspaper

As I wrote, I began to read English newspaper.

I found that it's a little tough to read all of newspaper in English. I can easily read it till 3rd page, but when I began to read Editorials, I felt tough. My toughness of English is very weak. I can overcome it by continuing reading. 

I talked my friend on Line about learning English. I said that the point is not to stop learning anyway. Even if the method isn't effective, you mustn't stop learning, and continue the method. After the long days, you can recognize what the effective way is.

But I recommend reading aloud and quick response. I can say about other languages like Japanese.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Taking English newspaper

I'm going to take a newspaper, JapanNews, not JapanTimes.

It's Yomiuri Shinbun based English newspaper, which I sometimes bought it at conbinient store. I can't make it a habit to read English books or magazines, so I thought it's good idea that newspapers are delivered every morning. JapanNews is easy to read for me, and maybe I won't be bored the contents. I like news to listen to BBC all day long. So newspaper is probably the best way to embrace extensive reading.

I ordered it calling to newspaper shop and it's decided that delivery begin 1st March. Until then I need to buy it at convenient store everyday.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

JapanTimes Editorials

I have trained myself by JapanTimes Editorials for several days.

Its difficulty is the same as NHK English which I'm doing everyday. So I can't drop one of them. So I  do NHK English as usual, and JT Editorials in the afternoon. It's a little heavy for me to sustain them. Especially I'm doing the same menu because I though I could switch to JT Editorials at all. I need to think of the new method for Editorials.

I hadn't drunk for 7 days, but I had a double wiskey last evening. I didn't drank at such a amount but I feel good this morning.

TOEIC score sheet

I'm not keen to write today.

I received the TOEIC score sheet. It's surely 775 points. But I begin to think that it's nothing much, and that it won't make me happy maybe. Everyone who hear my score admire me, but my life won't turn around by itself. As I wrote before, my reality of being disordered won't be vanished. Being able to write in English never make me much money.

I'm in negative thinking. Working hard perhaps never makes me happy. I have to change my mind deeply, but I don't know what. I have hooked on this bad feeling anyway.

I could change my mind if I took some weed somewhere abroad?

Friday, February 24, 2017

JapanTimes Editorials

I have trained myself by JapanTimes Editorials for several days.

It's difficulty is the same as NHK English which I'm doing everyday. So I can't drop one of them. So I  do NHK English as usual, and JT Editorials in the afternoon. It's a little heavy for me to sustain them. Especially I'm doing the same menu because I though I could switch to JT Editorials at all. I need to think of the new method for Editorials.

I hadn't drunk for 7 days, but I had a dongle wiskey last evening. I didn't drank at such a amount but I feel good this morning.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I'm coughing

I have nothing to write really.

My coughing is lasting. But prescripted medicine is going to finish. Maybe I need to go to the clinic. I'm often coughing during English training.

I found that I can't write well. A little before, I can write for this blog according to what I thought, but recently I don't think of English sentences naturally. The problems are not only English skill but basic literatual abilities. I don't really have anything to write. Speaking from other sight, my life is too simple to write the blog article.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017







音読3回、Read & Look Up1回、オーバーラッピング5回、シャドーイング3回を1課ごとに行う。さらに翌日、3日後、1週間後、1月後、2月後に同じことを復習として行う。具体的な学習法や復習スケジュールについては実際に取り組めばわかるので、細かいことは書かない。

・CNN English Express









英語版というか、英語版しかない。語学アプリのDuolingoでフランス語を勉強するのだが、英語で勉強するので瞬間的な英語理解が高まった気がしないでもない。肝心のフランス語だが、簡単なフランス語ならフランス語で書いてあるのがわかる程度にはなる。Je mange une pomme.程度はそらんじることができるが、実用性は今の所ない。


幸い我が家は光回線が入っているので、部屋にいるときは常にBBCラジオを聞いている。主にWorld Serviceだが、時間帯によってRadio4を聞いたりする。一時期意識的に聴く時間を作ったりしたが、今はほぼ聞き流しになっている。






Dull writing skill

I finished influenza medicine which prescribed for me.
I still cough sometimes. But I felt better largely.

My speed of writing became very slow recently. Maybe the best reason is that I'm not doing quick response training lately. In Japan, we call this training shunkan ei sakubun. It's very good method for learners of English. Because of influenza, I'm reducing amount of English trainings, but I need to restart my training menu.

I found that my Netflix account could apply for free watching again. So I'm watching Walking Dead. Walking Dead is, as you may know, Biohazard like zombie story. I, who live in a stage of zombie manga, have to watch it.

I start experimental training. I'm trying Japan Times Editorial for reading aloud method. It's good material for intermediate learners of English like me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I got 775 points

As I wrote, I got 775 points on January's TOEIC test.

I thought that I'd go abroad if I got 800 points, but it wasn't realized. Of cource I believe I'll get it someday. I'll take the test in April again.

I can't change my mind English mode enough. After getting TOEIC score, I often reduce my English skill. I didn't think it occur even if I get good score.

My sense is getting strange. I'll stop writing.

Monday, February 20, 2017




リスニング : 415
リーディング : 360
合計 : 775




YouTube video is continuing

My influenza is almost cured. But I have to stay home by Wednesday. I still have influenza virus.

I forgot to write that YouTube video practicing speaking English is continuing for over 10 days. I made it a habit completely. But lately I talking only about influenza, so I'll change the theme from tomorrow.

I wrote that I'll take time off for English training due to influenza. But I oppositely feel bad not to do English training. So I rescheduled a little, and I'll do the lesson from today. If I couldn't read aloud, I could stop the training anytime.

January's TOEIC score is going to be revealed at 12 PM JST. I'll write about my score in Japanese on this blog

Sunday, February 19, 2017

3rd antipyretic

My body temperature became 38.6c again. I didn't feel it tough, but I took 3rd antipyretic in the twilight. And then my body temperature is 36.3c now.

Influenza virus is still in my body. So I need not to go out if I respect school taking-time-off criteria. I'll take time off for studying English and French by next Saturday as I decided. I didn't do English training only 1 day. But 1 day. I felt my English skill dull. Listening skill is fine maybe, but I can't write this article decently.

I ordered Japan Times Editorials in the midnight. I'm seeking post NHK English. Perhaps I'll continue to study it, but I'm considering JT Editorials is cater to my English trainings instead of NHK English.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A bit better

Influenza was detected. Type A.

My body temperature was maximum 39.1c. I took medicines and felt a bit better. But influenza virus is still in my body.

I'll postpone the schedule of English training 1 week. Due to reviewing the previous material, I have to put off just a week. Though I'll be cured by next Wednesday, so I'll do unscheduled materials after that.

Friday, February 17, 2017

My influenza

I'm coughing from yesterday's evening. Maybe it's influenza. But it's not so heavy thanks to annual flu shot. So my doctor will guess I'm not influenza.

I went to Odawara city before I begin to coughing. I saw many tourists at Odawara castle. I thought Odawara castle would be unpopular place. And I took time off at a caffe. I felt a bit bad because someone is coughing. I had a ice royal milk tea.

I'm wondering whether I have to clear the schedule of my English training. I could record today's YouTube video without coughing. So I don't need to stop everyday routines. I can stop anytime when I can't read aloud.

Perhaps why I've been suffered from illness for 15 years is a thought of not taking care of my own body.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The best time to listen to English

My mother who was suffered from influenza felt better, and I helped her with cooking.

I wrote that I had some strange thing before improving English listening. I felt something wrong with my head the day before yesterday, and I'm sure that I can listen more decently to YouTube video for, maybe, native speakers of English. But I couldn't concentrate to listen all through the video.

And I have waves to listen to English. I can't sometimes listen to BBC which I listen to all the time except of studying English. I'm not sure why, but I guess I can listen better the time of the day when I study foreign languages. Yesterday I could listen to BBC the best at 15 o'clock when I study French with Duolingo app.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Making my meal, and washing the dishes

My parents is suffered from influenza.

So I make my meal, and wash the dishes. I found those are more fun than I thought. I used to do house keeping when I lived in Kawasaki city, so it's not hard to do. And I'm feeling doing my own matter.

My TOEIC score in January will be revealed at 12:00 PM 20/Feb. I already want not to know it. I remember when I was dropped on high school entrance test. It's like that. As I wrote many times, I would retire the TOEIC test if I got 695 points again. I can get around 80% of practice test, so I can get at least over 700 points maybe.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I'll take the Eiken test

I uploaded my YouTube video this morning, but no one watch it as usual.

With some note, I can easily speak about myself. So I need to speak about more complicated things. But I don't have nothing to talk to the public. Can I talk about political things?

I remember the 15 years suffered with illness. As you might know, I became sick because of working too hard for a company F. As the result I can be living comfortably, but I can't vanish the reality of being disordered, and I can't forgive a company F. If I got the power of the world, I would revenge to a company F. It won't happen, of cource.

I began to think to take TOEIC test again in April, because I came to able to listen more decently lately. Though I'm afraid to get 695 points on January's test again, by some chance, I could get over 800 points in April.

Taking April's TOEIC test or not, I'll take the pre1 grade of Eiken test, Japanese English exam. I can show I have decent skill of English during Japan. I know that pre1 grade needs 7000 words vocabulary, and I tested about 9000 words through Test Your Vocabulary. The test will be held in June or July probably.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Symptoms of improvement

My mother is suffered from influenza.
So I fixed the supper yesterday. I'm worry about her because she is old.

I have no particular thing to write.

Today's my YouTube video is not very good. I need to talk about more difficult thing to improve my speaking skill.

I wrote that I felt like "she is talking to my brain directly!?" listening to BBC after reading a English book. Similar thing is happened yesterday. I improved my listening skill of English. Once I wrote that I was like "surprised cat" which someone posted in twitter. Then I improved listening skill. So it's the symptom of improvement for me to happen some strange thing.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Change your insight

I uploaded YouTube video this morning too.
I'm talking about my hobby.

I found myself thinking in English when I'm writing this blog in English. And I who am thinking in English rarely think negative thing like kindergarten children. I'm afraid to write same thing yesterday. Anyway, thinking in foreign languages is good thing to change your insight.

In the end, I made it a habit to practice English speaking. I'm recording it in the morning, before writing this blog. I can relatively fluently speak easy thing in English with some notes. I'll speak some self introduction and l'll speak more difficult thing, whose theme I haven't decided.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thinking in English

I uploaded today's YouTube video talking about my town.

No one watches my video. But it's my training for speaking English. The priority is improving my speaking skill.

I'm listening to BBC when I go to bed (huton). I set my Mac up to close the browser after two hours. Yesterday I found I can listen to BBC more decently. BBC's outside source was very easy to listen because they were talking about East Asian issue. My English skill is improving.

I can't talk about that except of my parents and this blog. But I'm happy to think in English because I rarely think negative thing in English. I can also say my age of mind in English is very young like a child. I sometimes think that I become happy living in a English-speaking country.

Friday, February 10, 2017

My English YouTube video

My training to improve speaking English isn't made a habit.

It's not fun to record speaking English with iPad camera. I addition I'm not good at speaking English, so I feel disappointed. I need something to talk to someone. I have to publish what I talk somewhere like YouTube. But is "what happened to me" interesting theme of YouTube? I know vlog exists, though, their video is well-done.

I'll try to record YouTube video right now.

I uploaded the video. Please watch it and give me some advice.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wake up earlier

I woke up 30 minute earlier than yesterday.

I read somewhere that summertime will be 3/12. But it's hard to wake up one hour earlier, so I'll do 30 minutes earlier until 3/12.

I forgot about FX because I won't have any position until March, but I found USD/CHF rallyed by 1.0000, which was my limit order for half amount of the position. I'm sorry for exit the position earlier. The point of trade based on merriman cycle is anyway sticking with the position until the price hit the stop-loss order.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I spoke more decently

There wasn't particular thing yesterday.

I went out to meet my doctor, so I didn't Duolingo and practice of speaking English which is usually done in the afternoon. So I recorded my speech this morning instead. It was more decent than three days ago.

I found that I need to think what to speak beforehand. I'm writing this blog with thinking what to write. So I didn't noticed that. I'll look for somethings like 15/45 timer in AppStore, and I embrace thinking time for speech.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trying to speak English

I started practice for speaking English.

The day before yesterday, I started recording "what happened." I once thought to upload YouTube video for practicing speaking, but It wasn't last. Before that, I tried to record "what happened" with my IC recorder, but it wasn't last. So I thought to combine 2 way to practice, hence recording "what happened" with my iPad's camera.

I thought to try 15/45 speech like TOEFL test, but it's too difficult for me. So I thought to start speaking anyway. I write this blog every morning, so I record my speech at 4 o'clock PM.

Monday, February 6, 2017

My nephew who stayed my home

I have nothing to write.

What come to mind is about my elder nephew. He stayed my home by yesterday. He played Minecraft with his PC as usual. He need to finish his homework whose contents he hadn't studied because of his influenza , so I taught a little. His homework itself was easily finished. Though he had taken time off because of his influenza, he go to school from today again.

Recently I drink every day. I need to reduce chances to drink.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Setsubun and Ehomaki

I don't have a particular thing to write.

The day before yesterday was Setubun. My family held bean throwing, and ate Ehomaki. Ehomaki is becoming norm in Kanto reagion these days. My mother made us Ehomaki to save money. And we ate each 2 Ehomaki.

But idiot Japanese managements lead too much production of Ehomaki and young part time workers is suffered by selling quotas. They even buy remaining merchants for their shops with their money. Japan is terrible country for workers.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A book for learning English

I wrote yesterday that I bought a book to learn English.
For Japanese, it's "英語学習論-スピーキングと総合力."
I read almost.

It's saying that speaking is low level function of languages and that you need to study listening and speaking at first. In addition it says that training writing skill can be failed and that speaking of that can be almost successful.

I thought that I'm not good at speaking and relatively good at writing. What does that mean? But I guess that my low speaking ability cause my low TOEIC score. So I need to train my speaking skill. The book recommends the training based on TOEFL speaking section. So I try to do that. maybe it won't last. But I made breakthroughs to try everything.

Friday, February 3, 2017

My nephew's birthday

I exited the long position of USD/CHF.

My feeling is that trading based on technical indicators or cycle must exit by that. I thought that Nikkei225 is plunging and then USD will became cheaper, so I have not to hold USD/CHF. But this morning USD/CHF rallyed. I need to stick with the thought of cycle. I need more mental trainings.

Yesterday was my elder nephew's birthday. He have taken time off because of infuluenza. And by some other reasons, he and Little and their mother came my home. Of cource he already felt better. We held a little birthday party. But Little was gathering everyone's eyes, so his feeling might be complicated.

His taking time off will be by Saturday. So he stayed today.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meaning of learning English

I bought a book about learning English.

It was about 2400 yen, and looked a bit difficult. So I hesitated. It'll arrive today or tomorrow.

I wondered yesterday why I'm studying English. But I already made it a habit to study English. So I came not to need meaning of learning English. But I need some proof of improvement English skill. So it's important to get the decent score of TOEIC test.

My long position of USD/CHF a little rallyed. But I have to get three times of the risk which I supposed. So I won't exit the deal for a while.

By the way, I'm sorry for not informing you. I exited the long position of CHF/JPY the day before yesterday. I thought the price goes above, but I waited too long time so I exited with revenue which lose most of a half.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Third one's honesty

My long position of USD/CHF hit the stop-loss order again.
And I try it again. I'll give up the deal if the position hit the stop-loss order again.

Speaking to Nikkei225, I guess that Nikkei225 will continue to plunge, and that it will last by March. I will buy then. In monthly chart, it's 2nd wave of Erriot wave principle, so it's good timing to buy Japanese stock. Of cource it's true if it stops plunging.