Hitting the loss cut order

My USD/CHF hit the loss-cut order.
That is a usual thing when you try to trade on merriman cycle.

My CHF/JPY was in tough time but it began to rally. It may be usual on short term cycle which I, and maybe others too, found.

Actually I have nothing to write except of the market.

I have to restart my English training, and I need to forget TOEIC test on last weekend for a while. But I remember not to understand English till part3. Why did such a thing happen?


TOEIC test

I took TOEIC test yesterday.

In short, it wasn't done well. I'm not sure that you know the listening section has part 1 to part 4, when I came to understand English was after remaining 10 questions of part 3. I could solve part 5 in about 10 minutes, but I was tired remaining 10 questions of part 7. I'm not sure that I could graduate 695 points which I get twice, in July and October.

My feeling is that I could get high score if I'm familiar with test venues. Hence I was eaten by the atmosphere.

As I wrote in Japanese, I'll retire TOEIC test if I get 695 points this time again.








TOEIC test day

Today is TOEIC test day.

My raw scores of the practice test say that I can get at least over 700 points, but, as I wrote many times, there is no warrant to get decent TOEIC score if I get decent raw score of practice test. But I don't need to be felt pleasure to take TOEIC test. I can think the test one of one million tests I have ever taken.

I'm sure that I improved my English skill, so I don't need to be afraid this TOEIC test.


My gain in stock market

I exited my long position of Nomura HD yesterday because Nikkei225 was sanku(三空) on Sakata Gohou.

I was earned less than I expected, but it's better than hitting the stop-loss order. Nikkei225 future declined last night, so I found it a good decision to quit the trade.

In currency market. CHF/JPY is in good shape. Daily chart was in 3rd of Eliot wave principle. So it must go high. USD/CHF is still wondering, so I need to be with what will happen.

I found myself in a particular trading pattern. I will also get the revenue this year if it's right.


I had another position

I don't need to write this blog, but I'll write.

I had some long position of USD/CHF. I already have CHF/JPY long, so I can say it's same as USD/JPY. But each position is based on merriman cycle, so these have to be other deals, maybe.

Yesterday Nikkei225 was rallied well. It'll go over 20 thousand yen, I wish. My Nomura HD draw spike too. It became a plus deal. I wish that the spike continue until Chinese New Year begins.

My nephews was at my home last evening. Little come to speak some words as we say. He speaks strange words sometimes, and everyone say it's English, but I know that he doesn't speak English and that he speaks his own words. But he will be able to speak well by next summer.


Who I dislike

I don't have any particular thing to write.

I don't really want to write today because a man is reading this blog. I don't think he is a friend now, but one day he suddenly phoned to me saying that he worry about me with my blog. My father took the phone, but I didn't took. I'm very afraid about that, because I dislike to bring my blog into my real life. In addition I dislike him because he try my knowledge and laugh at me if I don't know about it. He has a pleasure if he is above me. He is rare people I dislike.


Vocabulary book

I don't have particular thing to write.

My CHF/JPY is relatively in good shape. Nikkei225 future a little rarried last night. So I don't need to worry about the market.

I bought a vocabulary book which everyone call Kinhure. I checked a half of the book, and I found 7 words which I don't memorize. I felt worry about TOEIC test.


It's a tough time

My CHF/JPY is in tough time.

But it may recover from here, and this deal is based on cycle, so I don't need to loss-cut until the price reached my stop-loss order. Of cource it will be lost deal but I never get revenue without risks.

Suddenly acsesses to my blog is desapeared. From Christmas holiday, I got incredible page views, but it may be end. I'm sorry for me, but it's initially unbelievable that the worthless blog like this gets many page views.


Where to go?

My nose is running. It's hay fever.

It's a little early this year. But I have medicines which I took last year, and I took it this morning. In addition I already prepared high quality facial tissue.

I took reading section of TOEIC practice test as I wrote in Japanese, and I got 81/100 of raw score. I may reach 800 points. But there is no guarantee to get 800 points even if I get 80% of raw score. TOEIC has their own measurement to indicate scores.

But I declared that I go abroad if I got 800 points, and I haven't decided where to go yet. I have ever been to Taiwan once. I want to go other country. Canada, US, Netherland, UK, or Southeast Asia countries. I want to try my English, so I want to go where people speak English.

I'm already feeling to win, but real TOEIC test is next Sunday.




Part5 26/30 (87%)
Part6 11/16 (68%)
Part7 44/54 (81%)
合計 81/100









I was tired

I can't write any interesting thing today.

I took TOEIC practice test yesterday. Only listening section. And I didn't any usual lesson because I rescheduled the lesson plan to take the practice test. As I already wrote in Japanese yesterday, the raw score was 77/100. Expected TOEIC score of listening section was roughly 380. It mean I had no change than before. Today, I took the reading part of the test.

I didn't record YouTube video because I was too tired for the test. Maybe I won't do that this weekend and next too. I feel difficulty of making a habit. The main reason is that no one watch my video opposed to my blog. Do I need more fluency? Trading is unattractive? There is no need middle-aged man speaking?




Part1 4/6 (66%)
Part2 18/25 (72%)
Part3 30/39 (76%)
Part4 25/30 (83%)
合計 77/100












Turezure Diary

Next weekend, I'm going to take TOEIC test.

The practice test which I took was 159/200 of raw score, almost 80%. But I know that I can't get 800 of TOEIC score if I get the raw score. In the worst pattern I guess, I'll get 695 points again. It's a nightmare for me.

I found that I can improve my listening skill by not only reading books but listening radio sitcoms for a hour. After listening Cabin Pressure of BBC yesterday, I can listen to English more decently. The point is to understand English with concentration.

I was sleeping when president Trump was addressing in Washington. And Nikkei225 was a little lower than daytime. And CHF/JPY was temporarily about 50 pips lower. But I can say that it wasn't catastrophic thing. I can't say what will happen in the future. But we don't need to be too afraid.

By the way, I'll record YouTube video about CHF/JPY and Nomura HD which I hold. I need to practice speaking English.


Over 30 days with Duolingo

I have studied French with Duolingo for more than 30 days.

I'm able to write in French like: Je suis un homme. Tu es un cochon. Mon femme est petit. It's probably like freshman of junior highschool's English in Japan. But it's about half a year since I intended to study French, and my main concern is English. So I'm better than other lazy French learners.

I want not to write about trading, but I don't have particular things to write.

I bought some stocks of Nomra HD. I'm not sure whether I could get certain result. But I suddenly want to buy it. Maybe I'll lose, but I have realized gain of last year. I can do adventures. Actually I guess primary cycle bottom of Nikkei225 will be in March, or April. So I don't have to buy stocks or ETFs now.

My CHF/JPY long position is nice. I'm holding it at least more a week, even if there will be president Trump's risk. By some chance it will be big money. From December when I restarted FX deals, I already got 4% of unrealized-base gains, which is percentage from equity for FX deals. I am surprised by FX's efficiency. Of cource you can kill yourself with FX if you don't know trading basics.

May the position not be loss-cut by president Trump.


I was defeated

I had sad experiences.

I'm sorry for writing about FX again. But it was very sad. I had long positions of USD/CAD, USD/JPY and shot position of AUD/USD, hence I bought USD yesterday. But I closed with small changes the same day, yesterday. After I got up, I realized these were drawing sharp spikes. I felt myself defeated.

But I found CHF/JPY at PCB or around yesterday too. So I had a long position of it. So I got a unrealized gain of it.

According to this gain/lose, I won't completely lose money probably. Perhaps. Maybe. So I'm going to trade FX through this year, and train myself for dealing FX.

When new year, I wrote that I won't sweat trading, but it will go completely different direction. Of cource I'm studying English and French very hard.


I'll make YouTube video

I completed the transfer of a part of money to a securities.

And I began to trade. But I lost last year's gain on FX. I supposed that USD/CAD reached the primary cycle bottom or around, so I had some long position of it. I'm no confident about that. But no risk, no gain.

Nikkei225 will go downward as I guess. But amount of my inverse ETF is small. So I couldn't get much money. Initially I see Nikkei225 will go upward in the long run, so I'm not willing to sell short very much. So I don't need to take much gain by selling short this year.

I had a theme for YouTube video. But I have to speak English, or Japanese? For Japanese who are interested in the market, I need to speak Japanese. For practice speaking English, I need to speak English. My feeling says that there is no difference when it comes to getting watchers, it's very few. So I'll speak about the market in English.


What I wanted to write yesterday

What I wanted to write yesterday was mainly that I must intake read-a-lot method.

But I didn't read decent reading yesterday as usual. I don't want to read thinking like "hum... I'm reading for study". So I need really interesting readings. Of cource it's my excuse. Reading Grit without grit is embarrassing.

I ordered new stop loss order to buy Nikkei225 inverse ETF. I don't know whether it's right using the word "stop loss" when initial entry order. Actually my order was hit yesterday. But I found my order wrong, my mistake, so I loss-cut immediately and set up new order. Though I see after close that I didn't need to exit the position because the price was moving toward which I aimed, I always have to act strictly.


I lost

I lost my writing in electronic workplace.
I'm sorry for no update today. 

If I would recover from the shock, I could write it again.



L&R Vol1のTest1だ。

Part5 21/30 (70%)
Part6 14/16 (88%)
Part7 39/54 (72%)
合計 74/100










何か長期的に対策するとしたら、キクタンをたまに読み返して忘れている単語を復習するのと、やはりpart7対策は多読だと感じている。今日the Economistを読んだ感じ、読めるようになって来ているので、色々な題材で英文を読むようにするべきだろう。聞き流しは楽だが、多読は意識しないと決してできないのでなかなか大変だが。

Sticking to one thing

I'm sorry for talking about the market on Sunday.

I'm preparing to transfer some of my money for FX trading to another securities. Actually I traded FX at the securities for stock market. It's good for trading stocks, ETFs, and futures. But they don't deal many kind of currencies, and last week, their FX app suddenly froze while pondering whether I have to exit the deal. Another securities which I'll transfer is relatively good company when it comes to FX dealing from my experiences. Of cource I reserved most money in the securities for the stock market.

Yesterday I reviewed some pair of currencies. I wrote it down some real papers with pen. And I found some same traits among currency pairs. Wether I can deal with these caractarics is another problem, but I was grown up much more than when I began stock trading. The point is probably proper stop-loss order and never giving up.

So I'm going to study English for a long time. I experienced many fabulous or surprising things thanks for studying English for only one years. So I need to stick to that even if TOEIC score is remaining 695 points forever.


It's chilly weekend

It's chilly morning. This weekend is the coldest days this year, I heard.

But my room is relatively warmer because of its big window and fine weather. So I'm wearing only long sleeved T-shirt in samue. Sometimes I wear a sweater, but it's sometimes.

I remember that Montbell sells samue. I checked the website and I found it's not too expensive. If my cheap samue worn out, I'll buy it.  It will be a far future. My samue has tough sawing, so it seems to never worn out.

AUD/USD touched around 75MA of 60min chart in this midnight. I perfectly realized my idea of short term cycles. But I'm sorry for missing the best market timing of January 3. I had some long position but I suddenly threw it because of my condition of mind. I already write about that, but it's my worst weakpoint.


Strange things

Strange thing happened.

I read a book, Grit, after a while to check my reading skill of English. I read about a hour, and I progressed 6% of the book. it was the kindle book. Anyway. After that I forcused to BBC radio, and I found myself listening to English very easily like "Listen to me, Toshio. I'm talking to your mind directly". I was surprised, and I listened to BBC for a while. I'm sure that I understood it. But I was back to initial status, because I pondered in Japanese why I came to understand English well.

I'll write more strange thing.

I checked geocosmic timing in  ephemeris. It was around 11 PM in Japan yesterday. After getting up, about a hour ago, I checked AUD/USD chart, and I found that it was turn around around 11 PM. I wasn't surprised because I already know that the thing like that will happen from my experiences. I thought "No wonder!". But I'm grad to have done like finding holy grave. But maybe it's everyone's consensus. And I can't deal with only that.


Worst weak point of my mind

Yesterday's AUD/USD was great.

But I got no more than 1 yen even though my idea of swing cycle I named was true. I didn't believe myself. I found the worst weak point of my mind. If I couldn't overcome it, I never win on the market.

From the day before yesterday, I began to write with pen and paper about my deal. I need to write it to get the revenue. It was already 9th paper. Maybe I'll never look back these papers, but I'll input these in my mind.

I'll trade no more this week. I'll review my idea of cycle on other currencies.


Too many lost deals

I probably caught a cold. But I felt better.

I don't want to write about FX, but I don't have anything to write.

Yesterday I had a long position of AUD/USD, and I lost. In addition after that I lost again. But this morning, I found it swing cycle bottom I named, perfectly, maybe. I tend to have too many position once I win. So I need to reduce chance to trade.

Speaking of "chance to". I succeeded to reduce chance to drink. Maybe it was Christmas and New Year why I drank every day. I soundly sleep recently without beer, and I can think sharply.

Yesterday I wrote that NHK English was recently easy, but yesterday's lesson was very hard. I reviewed 2 lessons beforehand, but I felt tired and it was difficult. I was too tired and felt no recover, so I guessed that I caught a cold and took kakkonto, harbal medicine. This morning I felt better.


FX and NHK English

I got small change on AUD/USD.

Yesterday, I wrote that I was looking for the timing for long position of AUD/USD. But the price won't go where I aimed, so I decided to trade on swing trading cycle, which I named now. There is very short cycle which we can recognize short term chart. And then I had long position. This morning I got the gain as much as the risk I took. Swing cycle is much weaker than primary cycle, maybe, so I got the gain.

I don't know that it was a good deal, but if I was sticking the primary cycle, I couldn't get the revenue.

Incidentally, NHK English cource which I'm studying was easier than ever yesterday. I study it by CD tracks and texts, so I don't need to meet the radio broadcasts and the schedule. I'm studied this month's second theme. And I found it very easy. I guess that the teacher made it easier because there is new comers who begin from this new year.


Tsurezure Diary

I forgot to record YouTube video about my deal.

Simply I forgot about that. Once-a-week habit is difficult to continue. But it's more difficult to be daily habit, because I have nothing to talk everyday. It's very hard to speak what come to mind without mistake. Off cource I can record speaking with mistake.

I wrote in Japanese yesterday that I got 85% of raw score on listening section of a TOEIC practice test. Expected score is about 400, so I reached my maximum score on listening section. But I know that raw score doesn't directly transfer to TOEIC score, so I can't be reassured by that.

I'm looking for the timing to enter long position of AUD/USD again. I see the time will come today, maybe. But the price I aimed has the danger of going under the primary cycle bottom. It's very tough.




TOEIC公式問題集のリスニングだけといた。L&R Vol1のTest1だ。結果を先に書く。

Part1: 5/6 (83%)
Part2: 22/25 (88%)
Part3: 32/39 (82%)
Part4: 26/30 (86%)
全体 85/100



まだ本番でないのに勝因を書くが、CNN English Expressを取り入れたのと、瞬間英作文を地道に続けたのが良かったかもしれない。もちろんNHK実践ビジネス英語を毎日続けたことが根本的なレベルアップにつながっていると思う。read and look upを取り入れた効果がもう出たか。とにかく、自分なりに勉強法を工夫したのが良かった、と思えないと、この先も勉強は続かないだろう。


I dislike TOEIC test

Actually, I'm losing confidence of my English skill.

Recently I can't listen to BBC worse than a month ago. I can say that originally I can't listen, but I can listen to NHK English cource better. I don't know why.

I have to practice next TOEIC test. I need to know in advance how well I can solve the question. But I come to dislike TOEIC test, so I may not do the practice test before the day.

I can guess that I'll get 695 points again, it is third time, and that makes me disappointed. Why doesn't the test advise me what to do next?


Need to reduce drinking

I don't have anything to write.

I couldn't give up AUD/USD. So I put a IFD order for it. By some chance I'll get long position of AUD/USD. Of cource even if I could get it, I could be hit the loss cut order after that.

Recently I lost a whole writing skill both English and Japanese. I used to be able to write long article of my life. But I'm back to foolish one which is gathering of short sentences. Lately I have been drinking every day, so I lose the important part of thinking maybe. I was drinking once a week, but now every day. I don't need to quit drinking completely, but obviously need to reduce my chances of drinking. I'm not sure that makes me a good writer, but my life will be better.


I got a amulet

I woke up early because I went to bed(huton) early, around 20 o'clock.

My parents and I went to a Zen temple near my home. And we got amulets. My amulet's wishes are 当病平癒(illness gets better) and 学業増進(learning boosts). I want to wish something about trading, but there isn't like that in the list of wishes. It's probably nice because I'm not sure to continue trading through this year.

Today is on-sore day of CNN English Express. Last month issue proceeded relatively smoothly, and this week I studied a part of November issue where I didn't study. This month will be like that too. This method will be retain at least next year.

New year started to run. This year will be nice probably.


Zen temple

As I wrote the day before yesterday, AUD/USD moved sharply.
I don't know why I exit the trade.

Recently I always say myself that there is no good thing. So I brought a bad thing. I sometimes think like that, but I can't bring myself right direction. I know about that, but that isn't the part of me. This has crucial difference.

My parents and I are going to a Zen temple today. We get new amulets and have soba every year.

By the way, my nephew was back home last evening. His family is going on a trip for a few days. His homework was finished yesterday perfectly. So he don't need to be worry about that.


TOEIC test coming soon

Yesterday, I had some long position of AUD/USD. But closed.
I can say that beer was bad for the trading.

And I have nothing to write.

By the way, I'm going to take TOEIC test in January. I'm studying English, but I don't do anti-test training recently because I was bored. Maybe I'll get 700 points or around on the test, and it'll make me so bad. I want to quit TOEIC test anyway.

I don't have good condition. I'll stop writing.


New week is starting

I guess that western countries starts workday today.

Forex market already started. I see AUD/USD seems to reach primary cycle bottom or around. So I'm looking for the time to deal. Different from EUR/USD, AUD/USD has plus swap points, so I can deal more easily. Of cource there is no difference that dollar goes high.

Writing as usual.

My brother's family came my home last evening. They are going on a trip a few days. My mother and they probably talked about that. Preparing the trip, my elder nephew who are staying my home is finishing his home work with the plan. He is great. When I was a kid, I didn't do my home work hard like him. I want him to learn the way to effort and be a great person not like me.



Yesterday was Shogatsu, the new year day.

We drank local raw sake as otoso, the new year sake, and we eat osechi, the new year cousine. I gave my nephew otoshidama, children's pocket money of new year. And I didn't study English as special holiday. I did French with Duolingo because it takes only 10 minutes.

I'll study English today. I don't feel new year well, but I have schedule I planed. I have been getting my English skill by continuing to study according to the plan, so I have to do as usual.


A happy new year

A happy new year.

Thank you for reading this blog last year. I'm writing the blog every morning in Japan this year too.

This year, I'll continue studying English. I'll study English more 2 years at least if I'm not bored. And I'm happy if studying French go well.

I have no aim except of studying foreign languages. They say that you will be better if you have a aim at the beginning of year, but I had done well last year not having new-year aim. One year is too long to aim at something. By some chance, I'll deal ETF and currency more hard than last year. But it probably won't connect to my happiness. So I won't sweat it for small changes.

Enjoy reading.