Monday, June 26, 2017

Attended a meeting for USCPA

I am very tired because I got back home late yesterday.
As you already know, I took part in a informational meeting at the prep school in Shinjuku for USCPA.

I found the exam will be very hard because it takes four hours per subject. I need to take four subjects.

But USCPA course at the prep school seemed not too tough. So I will take the course after learning English satisfies me. By some chance I will forget about that.

Taking USCPA is becoming not special for me.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Going to Shinjuku

As I said in this blog, I'm going to Shinjuku today to attend the informational meeting at a prep school.

I haven't decided to join the cause of USCPA yet. Anyway I should know about the details of it. After that I can decide not to join the course. I have to take action.

I haven't been to Tokyo for a long time. I am staying Shinjuku for two hours or so, but I wish I could be able to feel something.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Listening to English doing other things

I have nothing to say as usual.

As I said in YouTube video, I am listening to BBC while doing other things for about two years. The article of Scientific America says that listening English while doing something else is a good way to support learning English. Your subconscious is listening to the content and reviewing what you have learned.

Actually I'm not sure about because I don't have certain evidence about that. But my feeling is that it's sure that I am learning something during listening to BBC doing other things.

The downside is that your boss won't accept about that in the working hours maybe.

Friday, June 23, 2017

My pronunciation is improving

I don't have anything to say today as usual.

I got 95 points on a pronunciation test.


Recently i'm losing confidence of pronunciation but Voice input method is improving its recognition rate of my voice. So I thought my pronunciation is becoming better by some chance.

But I wondered they can estimate my pronunciation through MacBook's mic.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Still improving

I am sure you are being bored about this kind of thing.
But I am improving my listening skill lately. And I want to encourage myself to learn English more by this blog article.

Recently I have time to practice English listening for about 30 minutes or one hour before studying NHK English course every morning. The Archers, BBC global news, WSJ Live, and YouTube videos in English etc.

I remember that I wrote in this blog that I improved listening skill as if I can input directly in my brain. But the same kind of phenomenon is becoming common, I felt. My daily effort made me a better English listener than the period.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Going to Shinjuku

I am going to Shinjuku to attend the presentation about USCPA course at a prep school next Sunday.

I haven't decided to take the exam yet though, I have to listen about that anyway, and after that I'm considering about the money to prepare.

I'm wondering whether I am qualified for taking USCPA, and that its cost performance is enough to boost my value in the job market. I did already learned about that on the Internet, but I should verify those things.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pondering about the future

As I wrote in Japanese, I couldn't pass pre1 grade Eiken test.

I already knew about that by my self check, so I wasn't so shocked. That is better point than TOEIC test.

I'll continue to learn English as usual, and I'll take the next test in autumn.

I have been blur about after getting high score on TOEIC test or passed pre1 grade Eiken test. But I'm considering getting USCPA. I don't have account or business degrees, so I could only get 'Pass'. I heard that even that is valuable among the job market.

Actually I come to dislike getting a job, especially IT related jobs, which made me suffered from illness for over 10 years. But someday I will be unable to live by national supports. The day when I have to rerurn workforce will come. I need to boost my value in the job market.

I spend tough time when pondering that sort of thing. I sometimes think that I must have died by illness when I was 3 years old employee of a subsidiary of Fujitsu, and that a man getting older without specific standpoint, partner and children is too sad.

Monday, June 19, 2017








Grade pre1 Eiken test, the result is today

I will get that result of Eiken test today.
I know I couldn't pass the exam, so today is nothing special for me as usual.

But I have to admit the result. I will write new article about that in Japanese in the afternoon.

I'll took the autumn's exam again if I couldn't pass the exam exactly. I need to prepare for listening section. This test is teaching me I need it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Improving my English isn't getting high score?

I have nothing to say as usual.

I come to guess TOEIC score doesn't equivalent real English abilities. Of cource my English skill isn't enough, but TOEIC needs quick actions much more than listening skill. So I'm gradually questioning TOEIC score system.

On the other hand, I may overcome the test with better English ability than now, I guess. So I see that people with high score is very crazy English user who made much effort to improve their skill. I need to be like them.

Whether I get high score or not, I continue to make effort for English abilities. It doesn't make any pain for me.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mentally tired

I'm mentally tired. So I'm reluctant to write this blog this morning.

I took a practice test of TOEIC and I got the terrible result of it. I got 63 Point of raw score, and it's saying my expectable score of listening section is around 310. As I already wrote in Japanese, The practice test isn't like a true TOEIC test. I guess that maybe the score  is fake too.

I will try the practice test which I already took today or tomorrow.

I am still using iOS Voice input method, I need to correct my input if it couldn't recognize. But this system is totally fun for me. I can't led it recognize my pronunciation of 'is'. I couldn't learn the correct pronunciation of it when I was Junior high school student. At the first you should learn pronunciation anyway.

Friday, June 16, 2017



Part1 4/6(66%)
Part2 14/25(56%)
Part3 28/39(71%)
Part4 17/30(56%)
合計 63/100
予想スコア 310-330










Eiken test makes me busy

The result of Eiken test will be revealed next Monday.

I see I can't pass the examination, because I couldn't do the best performance in the listening test. I have a schedule for over night trip next month. I need to reschedule for NHK English, that's very complicated for me. So not passing the exam is a little helping for me, actually. If I have pass the exam, I would have a need for participating in second exam, an interview in English, next month.

I want to talk about that on Monday in Japanese.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who I dislike anyway

I don't want to say anything today.

I found the one Who did fight with me on Twitter dissed me again. He usually retweets the others opinions, and hardly say his own opinions except of criticism to others, which make me irritated. Yesterday I watched his tweets after a long time, and I found he dissed me, in addition he misunderstanding me, by some chance intentionally.

I know he is evil and his character trait makes him not to seem decent Japanese. His thought, at first he judge others by TOEIC score and he disses who is below him, is distorting Japanese English learners society on twitter. He seeking others' weakness and disses. I could never become his friend. I want him to be who is never existing in my mind.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nation's name

I have nothing to write about myself and my surroundings. So I want to say about the same thing on YouTube video.

Philippine is considering changing the nations name, I read about it in Wall Street Journal. They are saying that Philip is Spanish king, so Philippine sounds dependent. On the other hand, some says Philip is Christian name so they must be proud.

The discussion is very complicated for Zen and Shinto people like me, so I'm not sure which one is right. I said in YouTube that they must change pronunciation-friendly for poor Japanese like me jokingly, but it's important matter for them so I think they have to be careful about that anyway.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taking English exams

I don't have a particular thing to say.

I'm waiting for the result of Eiken test, which I can't pass maybe. I found why I can't get the high score on TOEIC test. My downside is listening In English.

But I dislike English test so if I pass the Eiken test, I will, by some chance, quit the English exam. I have said about that many times on my blog. But maybe I will continue taking exams, because to take the exam is very encouraging for me on the other hand.

I'm practicing the English training every day alone. So it's important for me to know many people studying English except for me.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A dentist is great

I already talked about the dentist on YouTube video.
But I have nothing to say on the blog too. So I had to say about the dentist.

I'm not sure you know or not, but I wrote about a dentist many times before. She aren't trustworthy. And I switched the new dentist recently. The dentist was great. Their utensils using water, but they let the water not flow into my throat. So I don't feel yuck. So I don't have to worry about the dentist.

By some chance The dentist like them may be norm now, and simply I may be becoming a old uncle. But it's a good thing to say for me.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

My town's stories

Kanto region entered in rainy season, Tsuyu.
My town is holding hydrangea festival but it's countryside of the town.

My town is the stage of two Mangas. The first is Sankarea, a zombie story, and the second is Bye Bye Humankind, a zombie story too maybe. I read the episode 1 of BBH recently, and thought "zombies again..."

I don't know why manga artists look at my town as a zombie town, but my town suits zombies maybe. That's the harsh reality anyway.

My nearby city Odawara is the stage of Haruki Murakami's novel. We need such cool folks, not zombie mania. But my town is not special so it's thankful for us to be in siege by zombies.

Saturday, June 10, 2017





・語彙力9500から10000くらい(Test Your Vocabularyによる)




・CNN English Express(音読系)









「引く」ではなく「暗記」でもなく「読む」だ。Longman Wordwise Dictionaryという辞書を最初から読んでいる。最初は「わからない単語に一回は目を通す」目的だったが、このレベルの辞書では全然わからない単語というのはほとんどなく、知っている単語の知らない語義に目を通すという目的になりつつある。それに多読的な効果も感じている。


3月から先月までJapanNewsを読んでいたが、多読としてかなり良かった。ポイントはある程度理解できる英語を大量に読むことで、読んでわからないものをわかるように精読するのとは違うアプローチをしている。今はWall Street Journalを毎日読んでいる。レベル的にWSJはJapanNewsより微妙に難しいのだが、今はそれほど苦もなく読んでいる。なお、全ての記事に目を通す的な英語学習っぽさは飽きてやめる原因になるので、普通の新聞と同じように見出しを見て気になった記事だけ読むようにしている。





・WSJ Liveを視聴(多聴)

最近取り入れてみた。Wall Street Journalの動画が見られるiOSのアプリで、毎朝30分くらい使って見るようにしている。多読多聴はある程度意味が汲み取れるレベルの人でないとあまり意味はないと思う。




Chinese as sophisticated people

I have nothing to say as usual.
So I will say about what I said on YouTube video. About China.

I haven't been there but I see Chinese is becoming sophisticated people. I read a WSJ article about China and I found a word, bike sharing. I thought they are dropping bicycles, riding automobiles and polluting their environment. They will become more sophisticated people same as Japanese, or by some chance more, I guess.

I want to see Chinese society but lacking of freedom of thought in China is a fear of mine.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Learning is endless

My speech last about three minutes in my YouTube video.

It was the first time since about 100 days ago when I started speech training in YouTube. Of cource I can't speak smoothly at take-one. But it was great improving for me to speak in English such a long time. I'll become a better speaker than now, someday.

But my obstacles is appearing now too. My prononciation is not enough. And I don't have certain thought of things like politics and economy. I need to learn more even though I'm in 40s. Learning is endless, I found.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

WSJ Live is nice

I tried WSJ Live, the video report by Wall Street Journal.

I'm reading Wall Street Journal recently with its app. And I found WSJ Live in App Store. I finally tried the app and I find it very nice.

I'm not sure you know or not, Wall Street Journal handles many kinds of issues, not only market issues. It's very good for training for English listening. Of course you need to understand what they say, but they had various kinds of issues, that is very interesting for adults.

I like YouTube videos for English training, but they have only particular kind of theme, knowledge for students, entrepreneurs' mindset etc. I think that WSJ is better than these videos.

Maybe you like it.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I sacrificed 10,000 yen

I found bitcoin was out of bounds.

I didn't write yesterday, and I'll avoid the detail. Bitcoin FX isn't for investors with small amount of money.

If you want to throw money into bitcoin market, but what you have to bare in mind is that there is big amatur investors in the market who act thoughtlessly about their bigness. They drop the market into chaos.

So I bought actuals and decided rarely checking the charts. Hence I really scrificed 10,000 yen.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I watched WWDC keynote

I watched yesterday's WWDC keynote.

I was disappointed because I can't get new iPad mini but I was surprised about Homepod. It showed great feature for me. But I can't buy it in Japan I'm sorry about that.

I expected new iPad mini but new iPad Pro 10 inches can help me maybe. But I'm not sure I will purchase it. iPad mini which I'm using is very useful for me, so I can't drop my iPad mini.

I will talk about different things after here.

I can listen to WWDC17 Keynote. So my English ability is enough for me. But the English test which I took was Not enough. I'm considering not to continue to study English. But I will continue to study NHK English anyway. I have to say that Mr. Sugita in NHK English is great English teacher and great opinion leader.

And writing this blog in English will be continued.

Monday, June 5, 2017





大問1:21/25 (84%)
大問2:4/6 (66%)
大問3:8/10 (80%)
合計:33/41 (80%)

Part1 : 3/12 (25%)
Part2 : 6/12 (50%)
Part3 : 3/5 (60%)
合計:12/29 (41%)

RとLの合計:45/70 (64%)





Eiken test

I took pre1 grade Eiken test yesterday.

I will say before hand, vocabulary questions was relatively easy, and I felt needs to improve writing and listening.

I don't know where I have to say. I watched BBC in the morning. I found something incident happened in London. I was so upset. I bought bitcoin anyway. It was the worst start of testing day.

I was a first applicant at the venue. I arrived one hour before. I was listening BBC's local radio in the classroom with iPad. It was hard to listen to the information about the incident.

I have to say talk about the test. I touched writing test at first anyway. I am not good at handwriting, and I felt I mistook the spelling. I have to say it was the writing test if I couldn't pass the examination.

Vocabulary questions was easier than I thought. I touched the vocabulary questions before listening test.

To be honest, listening test was the toughest. I need to improve listening ability in English.

I can get the right answer this afternoon. So I will post the result of the test in Japanese.

Sunday, June 4, 2017














Pre1 grade Eiken test

Today is pre1 grade Eiken test.

I can say that I couldn't pass the exam. Reading questions is very easy for me, but vocabulary questions incredibly hard. I can drop 80% of vocabulary questions on the test. But I already applied it, so I need to go out before eight.

I will write about the exam after coming back home in Japanese. I will write in English tomorrow too.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nikkei225 overcame 20000

It was a great day for investors in Japan yesterday.

Nikkei225 draw a sharp spike, and I recover a loss when it was relatively deep gap a while back. Last night's CES wasn't critical damage for Nikkei225.

we will have a big gain in the long run. Monthly chart of Nikkei225 entered the third wave of Erriot wave principle. The third is going to be the most large gain in five wave.

I was a only child when previous bubble occared, 1990's. I didn't know how great the gain, and I was really excited that I will get great gain again.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Crypt coin trading

Real-coin FX isn't very good situation, but crypt coin FX is relatively good.

I found my bitcoin strategy working well. I can trade with one hour chart, so I will try four hour chart next for more long term deal.

I'm using optimal f for bitcoin. I'm afraid of full-optimal f so I'm using quarter optimal f. Half optimal is also risky for me. Speaking to optimal f, I get Ralph Vince's most affordable book, but I can't read it because it has many mathematical words. The result of concentration extensive English in news is that. I'm very sorry.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I lost

I lose almost all the profit of FX this year.

I focused bitcoin FX and I forgot real-coin FX, and I missed escape points. Of cource I set up stop-loss order, but I entered several position and I lose half of the deal. I shocked a little.

I follow 2% rule and I don't lose initial investing money for FX at all for now.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Strategy for bitcoin FX

I made the strategy of bitcoin FX.

I will not say about that because it's too simple to copy me. If you have experience of trading, you can win the market of bitcoin. Too simple.

I can't pass the real address check for bitFlyer. When I went out, A postal man came up to my house maybe, under he found my absence. Automatically bitFlyer tracking it sent another postcard to me again.

I already sent 10000 yen for sacrifice to them. I come to think sending another 10000 yen for easy trading.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reducing English listening ability

Recently I am feeling my listening ability is reducing.

I have not been listening English with concentration. So even when I concentrate to English, I couldn't listen decently. It's a terrible situation for me before Eiken test.

Of cource I'm continuing studying NHK English cource, but I had more hard, longtime training before. My training time was almost 4 hours before.

I don't have a special will for English abilities lately, so I don't need afraid to reduce my English ability a little.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Crypt coin exchange

I searched in Twitter about bitcoin. And I Signed up bitFlyer, a bitcoin exchange, which has FX trade function.

I found that bitFlyer Lightning, bitcoin FX trade tool, is relatively decent system for me. It provides full size FX experience, at least according to its appearance. I will proceede signup procedure and I will try to trade at the exchange.

I have to say the point which unsatisfied me. Firstly, turning off the sound of cashier can't set up as default, that is simply irritating. I don't need pachinko type of app. Second, I don't need chat window in FX app. Finally, the chart can't display the candlestick's detail when it's tapped.

And I have to say what I haven't experienced about bitFlyer, their enforcement abilities for order. It's the most crucial function of exchange. I don't know about that. I'll sacrify 10,000 yen and try it anyway.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Without shame

Of course I don't have bitcoin or something.

I searched tweet by winner of crypt coin, and I found that they are clever trader who has the basis of market. The more fools there is, the more profit they have. Reading what they say without shame, I felt that they are devils.

My update was late this morning. I couldn't write a lot.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I got some money

I'm sure you are not interested in FX. But I will say about it.

I exited all of my position of  FX. I get much from GBPUSD, little from CADCHF and EURCAD. Totally I got some money. I began to think it's not the special.

My realized gain from FX this year is around 5% for now. It's great for me if I could get 10% from FX this year.

A famous investor Makoto Matsushita said in his YouTube video that you can concentrate your money toward FX if your investing equity is small. I began to think that Nikkei225 leverage ETF isn't efficient way of getting money. So I began to think to do what he said.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Feeling weaken

I wanted to have a sabotage but I'll write a little.

I had some long position of AUDNZD but it have hit the loss cut point.

I remembered very hateful memory. I am feeling weaken.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

In good shape

In Tokyo time the market denies my decision. In Europe time market agrees my decision.

Totally my position is in good shape. I have been familiar with FX, so I am thinking transfer my money for stock market to FX security. I'm not sure when it will be realized.

The crows are very noisy every morning, and the voice input method don't work well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FX and sushi in Japan

Suddenly, my pronunciation became wrong, of course usually wrong, so I type this article with iOS keyboard directly.

I get some revenue from two long position, CADJPY and NZDUSD. And I have three short position now, EURCAD, GBPUSD, CADCHF. it's becoming like Europe short, North America long, but I don't have particular meaning of these position. Simply judged from charts.

I heard that sushi and sashimi aren't sold in Japan recently. A celebrity hit the food poisoning and mediums broadcast about that, I hard. And people who watch that avoid sushi and sashimi. A supermarket stoped selling these because no one buy it.

Sushi which my family and I ate last evening was very nice.

P.S. CADCHF was long position. I mistook.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Three FX positions

I have two long position and a short position on FX.
It's good status except of EURCAD short. Totally good.

I'm planing to boost my equity for FX. I simply send my money to the FX security from my deposit. The money for FX will be doubled, but initially my equity for FX is small. so it's not big deal.

I think FX is more efficiency than Nikkei225 ETF, so by some chance I may transfer my money to FX security. I'm not sure about that yet. Nikkei225 is good time to buy so I'm waiting for buying 225 ETF.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Marked 100 day

My YouTube practice video in English marked 100 day.

Because I had sabotaged only one day, it's 101st since I began to upload YouTube video in English, actually. But continuing to upload is hard.

Around the 90th I found my English speech is improving. I can make slow but long speech. Many kind of English training make me better speaker than Day1.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Being a HSP

I suddenly know I am HSP, highly sensitive people.

Yesterday I found NHK said about HSP on Twitter. A Japanese woman draw a peace of manga about HSP. She's also HSP. I tried a check sheet for HSP and I found myself on the borderline of that. I bought a book about HSP at Kindle books, and I have read about half of the book last night. The book taught me about character traits of HSP, and it was me.

I don't want to be such a weak character. But I have to admit that I'm a HSP.

Good point of me as HSP is that I can know the timing of sell short of Nikkei225. Knowing change of subtle situations which is the character trait of HSP is better than you think. But when I started trading I found it's tough to have loss cut deal. It was a character trait of HSP too, maybe.

I don't want to say about heavy burdens for working for Japanese SI company in Tokyo. It was very hard because I am a HSP, maybe.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Too simple mention about optimal f

I didn't say about Optimal f's details so I I will try to mention it simply.

Calculating amount of deal is crucial for trading. If it was too much you will lose all at once. The point is deciding amount of lost at first. After that you calculate the amount of the deal.

Optimal f is the technique of calculate amount of deal With mathematics. Optimal f is very aggressive technique for trade so you need simulate your deal before hand.

I pondered using this technique yesterday. But I decided not to use this technique because it's too aggressive so I would lose my money quickly once I would lose the deal. I like 2% rule, which regulates 2% of my money for a deal.

But I ordered the book of basic thought of this technique at BookDepository.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Optimal f

I suddenly woke up because optimal f came to my mind during sleep.

I googled that and I checked my FX's gain in this year. Value f was 0.08. By some chance, my curriculation is wrong, but the result said "you bet 23% of your money." I using "2% rule", so I was very surprised. If I lose 4 times, I lose almost all money for FX.

I guess the web site which I searched was wrong. So I need the true information from book or something.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

English speaking nephew

I want to say about my little nephew, 3 years old.
(I am using voice input method, as usual)

As I wrote someday, he speaks English sometimes. Especially when he wants to say "I won't" or simply "no", he says "no no no no". I tried to ask him "what's this" in English, having chopsticks, and he said "ashi". Maybe he wanted to say "hashi". He can understand simple English. His mother said she do nothing. Maybe YouTube video told him English, and he intake. Maybe same thing is happening in the world.

It passed several days since I started using voice input method. I often correct wrong sentences by this system. This system often mistakes. But it's very easy to input by this system, including correcting mistakes. In addition, input by voice is very good English practice for me. I want to say thank you to the developers.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Losing eagerness to learn

I have nothing to say especially on this blog.
But I got two long position of two currency pairs. GBPUSD and USDCHF.

Actually I woke up at the middle of the night. and I can't to go to bed. So I want to looking for something nice currency pairs to investigate. But it's not too good for me to do such a thing in the middle of the night. I have unrealized loss.

By the way, I am not having eagerness to study English. I didn't do extensive reading at all yesterday. And I'm feeling it's not special to study English. I'm going to take Eiken test, but provably I couldn't pass the exam maybe. I am losing eagerness anyway.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tsurezure Diary

I sold some inverse ETF and I bought some leverage ETF.
I had that long a portion of USD/JPY.

I wanted to have the long position initially. So I back to the right track.

Yesterday I went to see a dentist. He's great. But when I brushed my teeth, I found I removed something in my teeth. So I have to contact the dentist.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Chart and numbers

The price will be revealed after 15 minutes.

Today's market will be plunge maybe. It realized "sell in May". But I'm not happy because North Korea's misile was launched, and I bought some inverse ETF before that as if I know that. Of course I am not their friend. I've noticed with the daily char and the numbers being moving. It's hard to be understood.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

English muscle training

My pronunciation in English is becoming a big issue, because as you know I am inputting this blog by voice input method recently.

I have a little problem with input method. So I need to improve my pronunciation more. I was looking for something to improve my pronunciation, and I found a book named jingle English pronunciation. And I ordered it.

I already tried that method, through iPhone app. And I found that it was training for pronunciation muscle. Just reading English sentences. I'm not sure that could improve my English pronunciation. But only using book is cheap so I will try it anyway.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

After Eiken test

I have entered inverse ETF again yesterday.
And I found Nikkei225 was plunging again this morning, I am happy to report, but not happy for someone.

I want to say about other thing. That's not good for me.

I come to think quitting English training. It's hard to continue the same English training. Another way to say, The simple every day English training is boring. So I'm thinking trying to rebuild my English trainings, after pre1 grade Eiken test.

If I get the Eiken test, I will do English thing which I feel happy.

Friday, May 12, 2017

About lost trade

I don't have enough time to say.
And I don't have anything to say.

My long position of inverse ETF was lose trade, reached loss-cut line. But in the night session of Nikkei225 futures, it plunged. I'm not sure that it's "sell in may". But I can say that it was one day faster to buy inverse ETF.

It's difficult for me to say complicated thing like stock market by voice input method. So I didn't do Utes voice input method. Except of simple sentences. I will continue to use voice input method as well as possible.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I sold

I forget the most important thing.

I sold Nomura holdings' shares yesterday. And I bought double inverse ETF. I'm not sure it's the right choice for now.

Writing voice input method 2

I'm using voice input method, as you know.
I want to say about this.

Yesterday I was using this input method for a while. I found I couldn't use this input method perfectly. So I have to correct my wrong word to what I want to say. It's easier than as usual though.

The most important downside is that I have to turn off my radio or TV, or I have to correct my word which I said. I want for Apple computer to fix this problem.

Totally this system is very good. And good for my English twinning. I will continue to use the system for a while.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Writing by voice input method

I don't have anything to say today.

So I started to try to use voice input method. This system is difficult for me to use because my pronunciation is a little bat. So this system select a different word. I need to correct the word what I want to say. So it takes too much time to input by voice.

But this input method is good for my English training. So I'll use it every morning. Maybe my blog will be terrible sentences. But my pronunciation will be great. And my blog will be a little funny.

I will try to write interesting articles even if I use this voice input method.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Feeling better

My condition dramatically changed for better.

I doubt that I'm alcoholic related illness, because sleeping after drink I felt better. But it need to see myself for a while.

I bought some Nomura HD's stock. I guess that it's the same pattern as previous years moving, no giving timing to buy and going upward. Even if it would be outraged by "sell in May" anomaly, I would hold the stock maybe.

Monday, May 8, 2017







Sunday, May 7, 2017










Saturday, May 6, 2017


I'll take time off. I'm suddenly becoming lazy today.
I won't also upload YouTube video after over 80 days continues.

Friday, May 5, 2017


I have nothing to write as usual.
I'm bored everyday life.

Improving my English skill is becoming nothing special. I need to do something new for continuing English trainings.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I have nothing to write as usual.

What happened when I rode train yesterday must not be told maybe.

It's Golden Week in Japan, spring holiday, but I'm doing really the same thing: English training, watching BBC and twitter and drinking around 5 PM. Recently I'm feeling bored.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My vocabulary size in English


I don't have anything which I have to talk about.

I checked my vocabulary size on Test Your Vocabulary. I also talked it on YouTube video. My estimated vocabulary size is 10300 words. It said the size which you come to be able to read books in English. Exactly I began to read English books. If you want to pass 1st grade of Eiken test, you need 12000 words. Further more, you want to read newspaper in English, it will be easy when you have 9000 words.

It's simply my boast. I couldn't get high score on TOEIC test, so I wanted to revenge at other viewpoints.

Actually I need only about 7500 words for pre1 grade Eiken test. Another way to say, if I couldn't pass the test in next June, it's painfully embarrassing. I'm digging hole and trapping myself.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Result of TOEIC test

I got 765 points on TOEIC test.

It's very disappointing for me. But I can say I'm keeping my English ability for peace of my mind. I'm taking Eiken pre1 grade in June, and I'll take TOEIC test again if I passed the Eiken test.

On the other hand, it's enough for 40s to get over750 after hard efforts, I feel. So somewhere in my mind, I can leave English tests and enjoy more using English, reading books in English for example. Of cource I need to keep my English training, but I don't need to hurt middle age's pride by tests.

Monday, May 1, 2017






How Starbucks Saved My Life

I finished reading a book named How Starbucks Saved My Life.

What I have to say as English learner is that I often lose the direction of story because the scenes often changes between Mike's memories and his present life. But it was totally easy for intermediate English learners to read this book.

Mike works at very ideal workplace with ideal coworkers. But at first of this story his life was very poor, so you need to overcome hard experiences with Mike. His characteristics make his life gradually better and you feel enjoyable reading this story.

I'll read a book named Business For Punks from today. I interested in this title of the book. But I didn't checked how difficult this book is.

Sunday, April 30, 2017





・CNN English Express







すでに「Holes」「Search Inside Yourself」が読み終わった。今日か明日あたりに「How Starbucks Saved My Life」が読み終わる。個人的な感覚ではスラスラ読めるようになってきた。次はすでに買ってある「Business For Punks」という本を読む予定。この本はタイトルだけで選んだのでちゃんと読めるかはわからない。


前から英語のテレビに加入したかったのだが、最近になってHuluでBBC World Newsが見られることを知り、1ヶ月だけ課金した。ラジオは移動時か個人的に聞いておきたい番組を無料のオンデマンドで聞いている。どうでも良いことだが、Huluは小さいおいっこといる時にキッズ向けの作品を見られるので助かっている。


Longman WordWise Dictionaryという英英辞典を寝る前に読むことにした。個人的にポイントだと思っているのは、無理して暗記しようと思わないことで、普通に頭から読んでいる。現在Bの前半くらい。ちなみにこの辞書は3万7千語くらいだったはずだが、派生語のおかげで難しい単語はほとんどない。代わりにbackの動詞など、日本で普通に勉強していても知らないままになってしまいそうな意味もわかるようになる、気がする。なお、夕方に酒を飲んだ日も寝る前に必ず読むようにしている。










Part1 6/12(50%)
Part2 7/12(58%)
Part3 5/5(100%)
合計 18/29(62%)






Preparing test

I don't have anything to write.

I'll prepare Eiken pre1 grade test, especially listening which I couldn't do well last weekend. But I don't dislike preparing tests, so I won't do that by any chance.

I have nothing to write honestly, so that's all.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Korea Peninsula

I don't have what I have to write.

I'm watching BBC World News, and I found it fine weather in Korea today. It's good timing for US Navy to attack North Korea. This weekend will be tough for people in Korea. Of course It's best that nothing happen. Maybe my predict will be wrong.

Speaking to BBC. I found myself listening to English very easily. It's not special these days. If I want to listen in English more fluently, I have to watch Big Bang Theory on Hulu.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Exited Nikkei225 and my nephew

I'll write a important thing beforehand.

I exited all long position of Nikkei225 leverage ETF. I'm getting around 6% of revenue, including FX, from market this year for now. I can't be living by these gain but it's a help to think myself worth for getting money. It's maybe only mean not to think myself worthless to live in Japan which is pressuring me to return terrible society after years of illness.

Far from fluency as I am, my speaking skill gradually improving. I know you are bored these kind of boast of mine. But I need to encourage myself to learn hard everyday.

I cashed Hulu for watching BBC World News, and I found it useful to play with my little nephew. He liked cray anime for kids. So I need to keeping my cash for Hulu next month.

My little nephew speaks English words, as I wrote before. So I spoke in English to him, and I had a strange behavior suddenly. He studied English words, but he didn't learn speaking in English actually. I thought I mustn't speak to him in English any more. It makes his learning Japanese delay probably.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


I forgot a important thing.

I exited remaining half of long position of USD/JPY yesterday evening.

I'm still holding Nikkei225 leverage ETF.

BBC World News and Hulu

I'm watching BBC World News from yesterday.

I read renewal plan of Hulu, and I found Hulu provides BBC TV live stream. So I tried it. It costs 1007 yen including tax per month in Japan.

At first it wasn't a bit interesting, it shows the same news many times. But after 16:30 JST, the program was becoming better. Maybe they shows the programs adjusting GMT. I'm not sure, but Japanese teatime is maybe boring because it's still night in the U.K.

I don't need movies and comedies, but a watched Big-bang Theory. I can listen their voice clearly but it's hard to intake meaning. I'm not in the level of watching TV sitcom. Of cource I can get what's happening in the show by visuals.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Good dentist

I went to a new dental clinic.

And I found them great. Usual dentists use utensils with water and my throat is full of water. It's yuck factor. But they were very skillful and I felt very comfortable. I must go to the dentist at first.

I want to say yesterday's news.

I exited a half of my long position of USD/JPY yesterday. And I found it surged again. I know that I'm not always  satisfied my decision of exit the position, and I was disappointed myself again. However, I still hold a half of it remaining, and all of Nikkei225 leverage ETF. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Still holding

USD/JPY and Nikkei225 jumped up begining of this week.

I exited half amount of my long position, and I'm holding remaining half of it. I'm concerning Korean Peninsula issue, but I want to follow merriman cycle. If I'm wrong, it'll hit the stoploss order.

Nikkei225 is the same situation, but I'm holding all of my long position of leverage ETF.

I don't have many things to say about market.

Monday, April 24, 2017

For more decent speech

I'm becoming familiar with English speech on YouTube.

I speak in English for about 45 seconds to my iPhone. Mainly about my surroundings. I'm far from fluent speaker, but gradually becoming decent. So I need to level-up my speech. But I don't know how to do that.

Before recording, seeing newspaper, I think that I wish I could discuss about these kind of materials. But maybe it's too hard for me to pop-up clever opinion of these. I guess that I could do that if I train.

I need looking for simple questions of TOEFL test. I want speaking test's questions which need to summarize my opinions and speak about that. Those training can make me more fluent speaker of English, probably.

Sunday, April 23, 2017




Part1 8/12(66%)
Part2 8/12(66%)
Part3 4/5(80%)






North American version of Anime

I watched a anime named Kill Me Baby after a long time. It's North American version of Japanese Anime. So you can listen in English.

I couldn't listen to the anime when I bought it. But as you may know, my English skill is gradually improving, so I could a little more easily listen to it yesterday.

I'm happy that the raw English materials like that is becoming reasonable for me. These will become the main English text for me some day, by some chance.

Of course it's when I can continue to learning English.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Growing up as English learner

Everything is as usual. I practice English and read English newspapers and books. So I can't write except about the recent achievements of my English training.

I'm reading the English book, How StarBucks Saved My Life. And I reached the half of the book. It took 7 days. I thought that I needed 10 days all through the book, but It was underestimate. I need about 7 days more maybe. But my reading speed is dramatically changed. Search Inside Yourself which I have read needed over a month. That was the same volume as HSSML. My reading speed is doubled these days.

I don't know how fast my speed of reading will become. But the more I read, the faster my reading speed become. Learning language is great for even middle-aged to feel grown up. I sometimes forget that I'm 43.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Reading books is good

I have already read about 80 pages out of 262 pages of How StarBucks Saved My Life.

I have been feeling it nice to reading books. I don't know why, so I googled. I found it very good for mental stability to reading books. Maybe they say about books in native languages. but reading books in English as second Language is also good.

I'm writing this article with MacBook again. I'm not feeling spelling issue, and using decent keyboard is more comfortable than iOS keyboard. I'll write this blog using MacBook for a while.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spelling issue on Eiken writing

At Pre1 grade Eiken test, I need to write about 100 words of English sentences.

And I have depend on iOS's spelling instruction lately. So I decide to use general keyboard on MacBook to write this article. Actually I could write very quickly when I tried the past questions last Sunday. So If I can write this easily, I don't need to worry about spelling.

Writing for this blog every morning, I don't concern about popping up idea of easy writing for things like Pre1 grade. I'm clever in bad meaning, so I will write for my way anyway whatever they question.

But my weak point of English writing is to sometimes mistake grammatical thing. I have even forgotten "be" like "I good at English". It will be great loss on the test probably.

By the way I found writing with decent keyboard is much comfortable than iOS's visual keyboard. I wonder if I'll use MacBook for this blog. Anyway I rarely mistake spelling in this article. So I need to train for spelling.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Long position of USD/JPY

I bought some long position of USD/JPY despite of Korean Peninsula conflict.

I already tried primary cycle bottom three times, and failed. So I want to avoid trying any more. But I wanted to bet today's situation. I'm calm now, but in my mind of somewhere I'm upset as weak ordinary Japanese probably.

Other point is dairy USD/JPY and its RSI indicates divergence. So it's crucial trade point. It have to be tried anyway.

By the way, I'm feeling Japanese is very upset about Korea Peninsula on twitter. Even if ones look calm, they seem to feel irritated somewhere. I'm surprised this situation anyway. Japanese education for world peace made weak Japanese? Opposition to educate people peace, we have never tought about military issue and war at school. What we in the atmosphere need is the real intelligence of war, I found.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Changing dentist

I have no particular thing to write.
 Can I write about the dentist who I already spoke about on YouTube video.

I guess that she isn't a specially skilled dentist, so she never do remedies she don't want to do. My ruined teeth have never treatet decent ways, she just fill something in my lacked teeth, and my remedies never finished. I can't trust her. So I decided to change dentist.

I already found possible candidates to go. I'll consider by Friday, and call him to appointment.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Preparing Eiken test part2

I took past questions of Pre-1 grade of Eiken test. I get over 80 percent of reading section.
I already write about that in Japanese.

I googled and found that I need about 70 percent of each 4 skills to pass the exam. So I can pass the test when it comes to reading section. I thought Pre-1 was very hard to pass when I passed 2st, autumn 2015. I feel growing up.

But it's true that getting score in vocabulary part is hard, another way to say, the point of Eiken test for me is only vocabulary part. So I'll check the vocabulary part of past questions and the vocabulary drill book.

Eiken test is in June, and if I pass the test, I'm going to participate in  interview in July.

Sunday, April 16, 2017




大問1 20/25 (80%)
大問2 5/6 (83%)
大問3 9/10 (90%)
合計 34/41 (82%)









Preparing Eiken test

I'll take the past test of Eiken pre1 grade.

If I'm satisfied the result, I won't do any preparation for June's test, and I'll spend time as usual until the test. If I have concern about it, I'll plan particular preparations. I heard that it's easy to solve the questions if I had NHK English cource I'm taking.

Speaking to learning English.

I started reading How Starbucks Saved My Life. I've already read about 28 pages. I found the book relatively easy to read. It has few difficult words and expression. I'll finish reading it about 10 days after, and I need to order new book on Book Depository beforehand. Books from BD reach here at Japan about 2 weeks after.

For English learners, I'm TOEIC 775, and about 8000 words vocabulary measured with Test Your Vocabulary. You can read How Starbucks Saved My Life if your English skill around there.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finished reading

I busily acted yesterday. But I won't write about that.

I finished reading Search Inside Yourself. I found the last part of this book is very nice. If I had read about conversation of identity, I hadn't internet argument.

I'll read How Starbucks Saved My Life, which I already bought, from today. My reading speed was gradually increasing, so by some chance I could finish reading more soon than SIY.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tsurezure Diary

I see USD/JPY is at good timing to buy. Of cource I won't.

I haven't written about Korea peninsula. It's also hard time for Japan. I'm living in Kanagawa which has several US bases, so it's true that I'm afraid of nuclear attack from North Korea. But ordinary people like me can change nothing about this. What I can do is to spend time as usual.

I've been reading English newspaper at Starbucks almost everyday. Going out often is good for my mental health. We don't have particular place to spend time except of Starbucks in my area. There is of cource Macdonald, I don't look at there as cool place to do something special.

I've almost finished reading Search Inside Yourself, remaining about 30 pages. I found reading 30 pages a day in English nothing special, another way to say, I'm becoming great at reading English as second language.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reading dictionary after drank

I drank too much yesterday.

I drank 5 shot glasses of whiskey if my memory was right. But I wasn't too much drank, in addition I'm good this morning. Why I drank too much was maybe I drank with YouTube videos.

Before go to bed(huton), I read English dictionary as usual. I'm not sure how many words I intook.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I need some prize

I have nothing to write, and I have no time to write this article.

I have nothing special because I'm just studying English everyday. And I felt that I reached a degree of English skill compared with average English learners in Japan. Because of that, I'm becoming lazy. Of course I'm continuing daily effort. But I'm afraid of quitting studying English suddenly.

I need some prize which make me feel happy for studying English.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Great improvement

I sometimes need to encourage myself by writing like this.

I recorded my YouTube video as usual, and I found my speaking skill improved a little. I can speak more smoothly than before, plus I didn't use Keynote. The video practice was 60th this time. I'll become more fluent English speaker when it marks 100th.

I've improved my whole English skill lately. I guess the materials I'm using is becoming suitable for my level, another way to say, my level go upward where I can effectively use the materials. So I suddenly became relatively fluent English user. Maybe my English skill will be more great, which makes everyone surprised.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Newspaper's holiday

It's newspaper's holiday today.

I improved my English reading skill. I don't know why, but listening skill too. It was maybe because of JapanNews. So I want to say thank you to all related to the newspaper.

As I already write in Japanese yesterday. I can't recommend reading English newspaper for all English learners. I like news since I was a elementary school kid. But everyone isn't the same. You can seek other reading material and start extensive reading.

My reading dictionary is continuing, even though I was tired a little yesterday. But I read only 2 pages yesterday. Of cource I don't need to increase the pace tonight. It's important to continue anyway.

Sunday, April 9, 2017



実は、行きの電車の中で、CNN English ExpressのCDを聞いていた。それで不思議と聞けるので、「ひょっとしたら今日を境に英語力アップしたかな?」と思っていた。







Today is TOEIC test

It's rainy today. But Today is TOEIC test day.

I fleed from confusing about a internet fight. I'm feeling best condition today. I have to have a train trip to Tsujido for the test. I wish the venue were near here.

I watched YouTube video, and I found it's easy to listen to BBC Learning English ch. But it's a little hard to listen the video probably for native speakers of English or advanced English learners. How is it my TOEIC score.

I'll write other thing suddenly.

I'm continuing reading dictionary. It advanced to 16 pages, about 4 pages a day. I read Longman WordWise Dictionary before going to bed. I thought it would be severe lessons, but it's easy for now. I have to bear in mind that it's hard to continue everyday even if something stops me. Anyway I'll try it.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time consuming and confusing

I'm still communicating with the one who had a fight with me.

Another way to saying, he contacted me again. I said my thought. My fault is that I had a trouble before important TOEIC test that I'll quit temporarily for Eiken test. But I stick with my thought that his thought, denying other one's efffort, is wrong.

Criticizing him confused my mind. It's hard to write the details in English.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reading dictionary

I had some support about a twitter fight. I have to say thank you to who encouraged me.
I'll write about the other thing.

Longman WordWise Dictionary arrived from Book Depository. It's 3day faster than I expect.

What I want to do is reading a whole dictionary like which some language experts do. That's not mean memorizing all the words in dictionary. Simply reading through all dictionary. It will be most long lasted effort for English mastery if it last.

I already started that yesterday. And I found I made advance 6 pages. The dictionary has about 800 pages. So it takes less than 200 days if my effort continue. I don't need 1 year for a whole dictionary.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Unnecessary twitter fight

The 43th birthday ended, which was accompanied with a Twitter fight.

I'm not sure you know I dislike being said "xxx is worthless" about learning English. A person, who is a very advanced English user, tweeted things like that. So I had an online fight with him. I don't going into details.

But he is basically similar to me, he dislike English tests and black hat approach to a test. So I realized I've gone too far.

A age of 43 had a fight with an unknown person in his birthday. Even if online, it's too painfull. It's before TOEIC test. I need to control the mental thing.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I don't write this morning

I'm sorry, I don't want to write this morning.
I'm feeling too fatigued.

It's my birthday today. I became 43. Nothing special. I want to die early.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I drank from 3 PM yesterday, and I'm hangover.

I'm feeling listless recently. I want to avoid waking up anyway, but alarm music from iPhone make me get up the same time.

I'm rarely hangover recently, so I guess I drank much yesterday. I don't remember the dinner time and when I went to bed(huton).

Monday, April 3, 2017


We went to a kaiten-zushi for my brother's wife's birthday.

I had some sushi, French fries and some shochu. Sushi with French fries sounds odd, but recent kaiten-sushi has a various dishes like ramen. I wanted to drink with French fries.

While eating, my little nephew is sometimes on my knee. Recently my nephew liked me. I'm not sure why. But my elder nephew also liked me when he was small. I have something nice for small children maybe.

I talked with my brother about new iPhone. He recommends not to replace iPhone6 which I'm using with new iPhone. He is looking at smartphones with hardware benchmark scores.

I had good time.

Sunday, April 2, 2017




Part1 5/6 (83%)
Part2 19/25 (76%)
Part3 35/39 (89%)
Part4 17/30 (56%)
合計 76/100







Next Sunday is TOEIC test

It's Sunday, when I decided to do some drill of English test.

And I'm thinking what to do today. Next Sunday is TOEIC test, so I can do a practice test of TOEIC. And pre1grade Eiken test is fine. Maybe I'll take TOEIC today.

I bought a jacket at a department store. I felt it grate when I tried it. But it was 32000 yen. It was hard to check out with plastic card. At home I found it has too long sleeve so my mother and I went to a tailor to reform it. It'll make it by next Saturday.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vocabulary building

It's April Fools' Day.

But I don't have any nice pranks. I'm afraid that when I say something, I mistakenly say the fact which is no joke.

I wrote that I improved my English skill, which I can read English sentences like Japanese slowly. (A story of April Fools already ended.) Remaining training is vocabulary building. I'll use vocabulary books to do that. I know that the best way is looking through the word lists many times, and I'll do so.

I recently feel fatigued. I can't identify the causes.

Friday, March 31, 2017







・CNN English Express









今のところSearch Inside Yourselfという本を少しづつ読んでいる。これはたまに難しい単語があるが、読めないこともない、という感じ。なお、先日Holesという本を読み終えた。












My little nephew

Recently rising sun is becoming earlier. I feel it easy to wake up at five o'clock.

Several months ago, I wrote about my little nephew. He spoke few words at that time. Now his variation of spoken words is rapidly increasing. We reassured about that. We were afraid that he would never speak.

In addition, he speaks some English words. He counts from one to ten in English, and says bicycle pointing at someone's bike. He is studying both Japanese and English with YouTube videos or NHK educational programs.

I know my elder nephew is very smart. But my little nephew is also smart maybe.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My voice improved

I'll mark 50 days practice to speak English on YouTube tomorrow.

But I don't feel my speaking skill improved. But I checked the Day1, and I found my voice became younger recently.

I have nothing to write except of that.

I want to ask you what to write on this blog tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Strange experience part2

For a person who commented on YouTube: If you wanted me to write articles in Japanese on this blog, I'm sorry for saying no. Writing blog articles every day, even if in native language, is harder than you think. So I want to write this blog in English to learn the language. Sometimes I'll write in Japanese, but it's not everyday.

As I wrote yesterday, job offer mails suddenly stoped. I claimed that some channel, Twitter, YouTube channel and this blog. After that the mails suddenly came again. At least they are watching my twitter account. Of cource I can't refuse it on Twitter's common sense. I'll never say that again.

But I think that watching SNS accounts to grasp each personal character by companies is not a clean way for internet citizens.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Strange experience

I realized that strange thing happened.

One day, I tweeted that if you commit a suicide for a black company you should let your bosses die. After that job offer mails from a job transferring service suddenly stoped. And PV of this blog rapidly reduced. These happened at the same time. I'm not sure how that system moved. But I can say they watched my tweets and this blog.

The job service and my twitter account wired only my mail address. So they need to identify me by using some informations about me from my tweets and blog articles. They have nothing to do except of that. That's all I have to say.

I have to clarify about "black company". In Japan, black company means terrible company that happens like karoshi or something. I'm not talking about a racial thing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spoke decently in English

I don't really have anything to write, except of learning English.

As I wrote in Japanese, I took TOEIC practice test yesterday. It was just only reading section of it. I realized that reading smoothly don't make me get high score. That's the different story. The raw score was 74. By some chance it will be more easy to get higher score, but it won't happen in April's test maybe.

However I didn't get tired at all when I finished the practice test. It's the result of the efforts to reading English newspaper and paperbacks. So I'm improving my English Skill totally.

By the way, I'm continuing practicing speaking English on YouTube. This morning I could speak more decently. It's easy to upload to YouTube if you have smartphones or tablets. If it's hard to have a chance to speak English like Japanese English learners, this method is fairly good.

Sunday, March 26, 2017




Part5 24/30 (80%)
Part6 14/16 (87%)
Part7 36/54 (66%)
合計 74/100
予想スコア 295-385(中間値340)


Part5 15分
Part6 24分
Part7SP 52分
Part7DP 1時間3分







Finished reading Holes

I finished reading a novel, Holes.

As ESL learner, it was a little difficult for me, especially vocabulary. Opposite to Search Inside Yourself, the category of the books itself is difficult for intermediate learners like me. But the novel is very fun. I understood why it's recommended among Japanese ESL learners.

Reading the novel took long time. Because I felt difficulty to read it, and I haven't read it at all for a long time. I get breakthrough of reading skill around 3 days ago, and I wanted to try the novel eventually.

Improving reading skill is one of the crucial themes for me recently. I'll continue to reading newspaper in English, and some paperback.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Improving my English helps improving other languages

My reading skill is also improved.

When I was reading English newspaper yesterday, I felt myself reading much faster than ever. After that, I read a Japanese mail magazine and I was reading incredibly fast the sentences.

I guess that improving English reading skill improves whole reading skill, even including Japanese. And I'm even thinking training listening skill is also improving my reading skill. Actually the day before yesterday, I watched YouTube videos intensively. So even if you don't need one dimension of English skill, it's worth to improve the skill.

Recently I'm writing learning English.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Long position of USD/JPY

I had some long position of USD/JPY.

But it hit the stop loss order twice. And I tried again this morning. It's crucial trading point for me, and other trader, so I'm keen to succeed this deal.

I tried to my YouTube video using both iPhone and iPad. iPad indicates FX chart, and iPhone is used to record video. It sounds something strange and I know you want to say to use iMovie. But I want not to use much time to my video. So I intake the stupid way like Japanese TV shows do.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My dentist

I went to see a dentist yesterday.

Actually I'm skeptical about her. I doubt her not doing decent treatment. Of cource it's happening in my mouth. I completely don't know what she is doing in my mouth. But she never say what she is doing in my mouth and how long the remedy will take. But I can't find a perfect dentist for me, so I couldn't change the dentist.

My YouTube video marked Day42, and I'm gradually improving my speech. Temporarily I felt I couldn't improve my speech at all. But even if it's unattractive contents, I'm slowly changing. As I write many time, it's the problem of sustaining.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My listening skill

I have 3 things to write. The 2 is bad.
I decided to write only good thing today.

I watched YouTube video in English that someone made, and I found that I can listen almost English video except of ones which native speakers supposed to be watched by native speakers. I improved my listening skill. I wish that have been happened on last Sunday when I took a practice test of TOEIC.

YouTube has many sorts of English video, academic, business, self help, music, the lists goes on. In addition, those has quality much more than Japanese ones which I have ever seen. The English source of information is a must for everyone.

The reason why I can listen to English more fluently is probably reading English news paper everyday as extensive reading. Of cource my one year effort for English is crucial. My secret of English skill is continuing English training anyway. I wrote the method in Japanese on this blog. But I want to underline that extensive reading is very important for English learners.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not returning workforce

I'm feeling someone running after me.

I'm getting better when it comes to my illness. But after that I'm leading wrong life, I'm feeling. If I return to system integrator industry, I'll get worse again. So I don't want to return the workforce. But I'm feeling pressure from something to work anyway.

I have stoped drinking for three days. I didn't become positive, and also negative. I'll try to quit drinking for a week.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tsurezure Diary

I heard on Twitter that a high school English text intook Haruhi Suzumiya, as I talked on YouTube video.

I'm not sure it's good thing. When I was a high school student, being otaku is scandalous. So I heard that news and felt embarrassed. Of cource if real high school students liked it, it might be a good thing.

I feel fatigued when I get up recently. I want to sleep more. But after eating two bananas and recording YouTube video for practice to speak English, I always feel good and it lasts until drinking whiskey. English training makes me not think too many worthless thing.

I took listening section of practice test of TOEIC, and got around 80 points of raw score, as I wrote in Japanese. I felt it's becoming easier to preview the question of Part3 and 4. So reading English newspaper everyday is a good training for me. Maybe TOEIC score in April will be same as in January, but my ability is gradually improving.

Sunday, March 19, 2017




Part1 4/6 (66%)
Part2 20/25 (80%)
Part3 33/39 (84%)
Part4 25/30 (83%)
合計 82/100
予想スコア 355-435(中間値395)









I have nothing to write

I have nothing to write.

I found my English skill, which can get 775 points on TOEIC, nothing special. I need to improve my English skill, or I'll be bored to study English.

I'll take the practice test of TOEIC today. Next TOEIC test is March 9. I want 800 points before taking pre1 grade EIKEN test. But I don't want to study for TOEIC test itself.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Duolingo English test

I took a practice of Duolingo English Test.

I got 44-61%. It reportedly mean that I'm intermediate English user. I'm a bit satisfied about that. To be honest, I wanted a medal of "advanced".

The practice test almost questions about vocabulary, listening and grammar. I knew that the real test has other type of questions like speaking. So I want to take the real test. As a English learner, I'm keen to try it. But it costs 49 USD to take the test. I read a website that it costs only 20 USD, but it wasn't true. If 20 USD was real, I would quit TOEIC test as a measure of English skill and take the Duolingo test every month.

Friday, March 17, 2017

In positive mind

I have nothing to write.

My backache was almost cured. It was nothing to write home about.

I'm going to Starbucks to read newspaper almost everyday lately. I like soy latte.

I'm studying French by Duolingo app. I can make French 'r' pronunciation well. It's nothing much after I could do it.

Everything is doing well recently. So I don't have anything to write really. I realized that my motivation was negative thought. I need to study to think of what to write in positive thought.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painkiller and takoyaki

I went to see a doctor for my backache.

Doctor said that my backache comes from muscle not bone and that it takes about two hours to be cured. And I was given painkillers. After taking it, I felt better, but still feel pain when unnatural poses.

On my way home I found takoyaki shop, and I stop by. A pack of takoyaki was 300 yen. I ate the takoyaki before taking painkillers. At least tako were big, but source wasn't enough. I like sea of source like unsophisticated degree.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


It hurts my back.

I suddenly felt backache after yesterday's English training. When I change pose, bent or twist, I feel pain. But it's like muscle pain not bone. Causes I suppose is a pose when reading newspaper, hugging my nephew when downstairs or something organic sickness, liver for example.

I suddenly feel pain when I change my pose anyway, I'm worry about not to be able to training for English language. I'll go to see a doctor.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

British summertime

I misunderstood about British summertime.

Summertime in Britain is 23rd March. So BBC programs isn't changing its time. But I already wake up early and it was made a habit, so I think in my mind summertime already came. As I wrote many times, Japan doesn't have summertime.

I don't have special thing to write.
So I'll stop writing.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The book about mastering English

Summertime already came on Sunday, didn't it?

We don't have summertime in Japan. But I wake up one hour earlier because I'm living with BBC Radio. It's becoming lighter now, but still dark.

I read a book named Tatsujin no Eigo Gakushu Hou, The Master's Method to Learning English in English, yesterday. I usually read a book in Japanese for four hours, from arriving my home in the afternoon to finish reading the book. But it's hard to read a chapter of a book in English for the same period.

I have to write the book's feeling. English learning method in Japan is usually almost same if the method is decent. They recommends reading aloud and having a chance to output. Other part of the books is different to emphasize importance of learning English and no relation with age and mastering English. The book is nothing special regarding that point.

It's not important to read books about learning English if you have particular methods to learn English. But sometimes I want to read those kind of book. Maybe my belief is weaken lately.

Sunday, March 12, 2017




Part5 26/30 (87%)
Part6 13/16 (81%)
Part7 39/54 (72%)
合計 78/100
予想スコア 325-410 (中間値367.5)



Part5終了 15分経過
Part6終了 26分経過
Part7 SP 59分経過








White hat and black hat on TOEIC

I found the ways of approaching TOEIC test are two patterns.

White hat and Black hat, you can see the words several world, the world of affiliate program for example. White hat approach is improving contents of a web site, and black hat approach means against Google search, or SEO.

I found a blog refers WH and BH for TOEIC test. I guess it's quite crucial for English learners using TOEIC. If you aren't conscious about WH and BH, you lose the direction of learning English.

In Hiro Maeda's book about TOEIC, a person uses drill books for TOEIC test. I can say his attitude is based on BH like approach. Other one in the story trains his English skill itself, by reading aloud for example, and gets high score on TOEIC test as result. It's WH approach.

I'm not sure which approach is better. But I can say that my methods written in this blog is mainly white hat approach for TOEIC test, and that I gained over 200 points from 575 points by the English trainings for about one year. And I can write blog articles in English like this.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hay fever

I wrote that I didn't become hay fever, but it's false.

I forgot I took a sinus drug and I wrote that I'm not hay fever then. After that I missed the chance to update about that. But it's true that hay fever is weak this year to forget it.

I don't have any special thing what I need to write about. So I'll stop to write this morning.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Search Inside Yourself

I ordered a book named Search Inside Yourself and it arrived yesterday.

I especially write about the book for English learners. First it's easy to read anyway. As maybe Chade-Meng Tan, author of the book, is non native speaker of English and he is a former engineer, still engineer by some chance, he writes easy English. So if you were driven to read The JapanNews, Japanese newspaper in English, by this blog, I can say the book has the same difficulty as The JapanNews has. For ones who took TOEIC test, I'm 775 points on TOEIC test in January.

So this book is appropriate to read for extensive reading.

Actually I have only read two forwards and chapter zero, so I can't mention about the contents. But I'm suffering from negative thinking and I'm looking at the book as a chance to change my thought. That's what I can say.

The direction of this article is slightly change.

I have read the JapanNews for about two weeks, and I found myself dramatically improved of English skill, especially listening in English. So if you haven't intaken extensive reading for learning English, it's a must for you to find a interesting material to read.

I guessed Chade-Meng Tan is non native speaker of English. But I'm not sure about that. By some chance, he may be originated in the US, or other English-speaking country. I'm not sure anyway.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tsurezure Diary

I have nothing to write.

It's cloudlessly fine day today. Basically we have little snow in South Kanto region. Mountains in north block continental wind and eliminates moisture, so it's dry weather in my region in winter.

Recently hay fever is around here. I don't become hay fever this year. I wrote that I became it in January, but that was my misunderstanding. Anyway I don't become hay fever maybe.

I lately went to Starbucks to read newspaper with coffee, I'm not sure I wrote about that. It was yesterday? When I stand up to get home, I saw the soldiers of Self Defence Force walking on sidewalk in front of Starbucks. It's rare to see them around here. I thought saying "Gokuro Sama Desu!(Thank you for hard work!)" with salute. But by some chance they might be ordinary people who took lecture for enterprize employees by SDF. So I stayed calm and got home.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The summertime is coming

I don't have anything to write.

The summertime is coming at March 12. I already wake up at 5:30, 30 minutes earlier, from one month ago to prepare the summertime. I'll wake up at just 5:00, more 30 minutes earlier from next Sunday. Of cource Japan don't have summertime but it's convenient for me to wake up early according to the Sun.

I write about completely other thing.

I bit my tongue when I was eating sukiyaki on Sunday for my fathers birthday. I bit really strongly so I feel pain when I'm eating something. From I started English language training like reading aloud, I often bite my tongue. In addition it happens when I'm eating something delicious anytime. What should I watch out?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

God never make a person above a person

I have spoken in English on YouTube for 25 days.

I checked the video I uploaded before. And I found I don't improve any speaking skill. I can speak with out notes lately, but fluency isn't nothing improved. I'm disappointed. But the chance to output my English is only YouTube and this blog, so I need to continue it anyway.

I write about completely other thing. It suddenly come to mind.

I heard on twitter that BBC broadcasted Japanese mangas associating with child porno. I don't know the detail but a manga artist says that he honestly told that the manga with childish girl never makes any victimes and sex crime to children is reducing from 1980s, when the manga and anime like that emerged, and he tweeted that BBC didn't use his opinions on their program.

I sometimes feel that westerners believes they are completely right somewhere. They never say about that in front of Asian maybe, but I can sometimes feel their feeling of superior to other civilizations and races on broadcasting. Some Japanese also shamelessly believe it in deep of their mind.

We don't need to be afraid of criticism against the truth based on precise data.

Monday, March 6, 2017

About TOEIC test

I might lose common sense.

I used Twitter inquiry function for "what score do you think is TOEIC loser." At first time I thought that that's anyway rude for other one saying "I'm a TOEIC loser." So I want to know appropriate score to call TOEIC loser. That's why I used the Twitter inquiry function. But no one vote it. I guess maybe I don't have no follower in my twitter account. I'm a Twitter loser rather than TOEIC loser.

I tried listening section of TOEIC practice test, as I wrote in Japanese. I got 79/100 points of raw score. It didn't change any more than before I had taken January's test. But I have room to improve my English skill maybe. On the other hand, I began to think that I couldn't improve my TOEIC score itself any more. Hence will TOEIC be mesurement of my English skill after now? I began to doubt. I don't know precise answer about that.

I'll take the April's test.

Sunday, March 5, 2017




Part1 6/6 (100%)
Part2 19/25 (76%)
Part3 31/39 (79%)
Part4 23/30 (76%)
合計 79/100
予想スコア 345-420(中間値 382)








Two cafes

I went to two cafés yesterday.

In the morning I went to nearby Starbucks to have a coffee. But I ordered a tea latte because I wanted to have it before. I read English newspaper with tea latte. I felt growing self-esteem more than flashing electric gadgets at the shop.

After noon my mother and I went to Oiso for a bit of errands. And we stopped by a café in front of Oiso station. I like the shop from which we can see quiet rural station.

I have been becoming a tea lover lately. I hardly have coffee. At home I have tea instead of coffee.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Japanese accent English

The day when I began to read English newspaper was one week ago.

The JapanNews is relatively easy for me to read. But reading a lot of it is very hard for me to continue. So I need to continue reading it.

I'm practicing speaking English on YouTube. I come to speak English using more complicated grammars than day one. But my accent is becoming very Japanesy. The Japanese accent English sounds very odd for me. Do I need to change it?

Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm fatigued

I recently feel tired from morning.

I have read the English newspaper everyday. My intake of English is increasing. So my brain is very tired maybe. I can't sleep enough despite of going to bed at 8 PM. When I wake up, I feel I want to sleep more.

My long position of USD/JPY is stable. I don't need to be afraid of plunge.

And I bought some Nikkei225 revalage ETF yesterday, because I guessed that it became 5th wave of erriot wave principle. I'm not sure about that, but I know that it's going up in the near future.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

JapanNews is easy to read

I suddenly wanted to compare with JapanNews and JapanTimes.

I didn't know where JapanTimes is sold. I searched the web, and went to Odawara station. After buying the newspaper, I get back home. On my way to home, I read JapanTimes. And I found it hard to read smoothly. The expression of the English sentences is a bit difficult. Of cource I can read it, but I couldn't smoothly read it. Opposite to it, JapanNews is easy to read. I can read it easily.

If I intake newspaper as extensive reading, I have to read relatively easy materials. So I need JapanNews. If I get pre1grade of Eiken test, I embrace JapanTimes to get higher reading skill.