Friday, January 20, 2017

Over 30 days with Duolingo

I have studied French with Duolingo for more than 30 days.

I'm able to write in French like: Je suis un homme. Tu es un cochon. Mon femme est petit. It's probably like freshman of junior highschool's English in Japan. But it's about half a year since I intended to study French, and my main concern is English. So I'm better than other lazy French learners.

I want not to write about trading, but I don't have particular things to write.

I bought some stocks of Nomra HD. I'm not sure whether I could get certain result. But I suddenly want to buy it. Maybe I'll lose, but I have realized gain of last year. I can do adventures. Actually I guess primary cycle bottom of Nikkei225 will be in March, or April. So I don't have to buy stocks or ETFs now.

My CHF/JPY long position is nice. I'm holding it at least more a week, even if there will be president Trump's risk. By some chance it will be big money. From December when I restarted FX deals, I already got 4% of unrealized-base gains, which is percentage from equity for FX deals. I am surprised by FX's efficiency. Of cource you can kill yourself with FX if you don't know trading basics.

May the position not loss-cut by president Trump.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I was defeated

I had sad experiences.

I'm sorry for writing about FX again. But it was very sad. I had long positions of USD/CAD, USD/JPY and shot position of AUD/USD, hence I bought USD yesterday. But I closed with small changes the same day, yesterday. After I got up, I realized these were drawing sharp spikes. I felt myself defeated.

But I found CHF/JPY at PCB or around yesterday too. So I had a long position of it. So I got a unrealized gain of it.

According to this gain/lose, I won't completely lose money probably. Perhaps. Maybe. So I'm going to trade FX through this year, and train myself for dealing FX.

When new year, I wrote that I won't sweat trading, but it will go completely different direction. Of cource I'm studying English and French very hard.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'll make YouTube video

I completed the transfer of a part of money to a securities.

And I began to trade. But I lost last year's gain on FX. I supposed that USD/CAD reached the primary cycle bottom or around, so I had some long position of it. I'm no confident about that. But no risk, no gain.

Nikkei225 will go downward as I guess. But amount of my inverse ETF is small. So I couldn't get much money. Initially I see Nikkei225 will go upward in the long run, so I'm not willing to sell short very much. So I don't need to take much gain by selling short this year.

I had a theme for YouTube video. But I have to speak English, or Japanese? For Japanese who are interested in the market, I need to speak Japanese. For practice speaking English, I need to speak English. My feeling says that there is no difference when it comes to getting watchers, it's very few. So I'll speak about the market in English.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What I wanted to write yesterday

What I wanted to write yesterday was mainly that I must intake read-a-lot method.

But I didn't read decent reading yesterday as usual. I don't want to read thinking like "hum... I'm reading for study". So I need really interesting readings. Of cource it's my excuse. Reading Grit without grit is embarrassing.

I ordered new stop loss order to buy Nikkei225 inverse ETF. I don't know whether it's right using the word "stop loss" when initial entry order. Actually my order was hit yesterday. But I found my order wrong, my mistake, so I loss-cut immediately and set up new order. Though I see after close that I didn't need to exit the position because the price was moving toward which I aimed, I always have to act strictly.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I lost

I lost my writing in electronic workplace.
I'm sorry for no update today. 

If I would recover from the shock, I could write it again.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


L&R Vol1のTest1だ。

Part5 21/30 (70%)
Part6 14/16 (88%)
Part7 39/54 (72%)
合計 74/100










何か長期的に対策するとしたら、キクタンをたまに読み返して忘れている単語を復習するのと、やはりpart7対策は多読だと感じている。今日the Economistを読んだ感じ、読めるようになって来ているので、色々な題材で英文を読むようにするべきだろう。聞き流しは楽だが、多読は意識しないと決してできないのでなかなか大変だが。

Sticking to one thing

I'm sorry for talking about the market on Sunday.

I'm preparing to transfer some of my money for FX trading to another securities. Actually I traded FX at the securities for stock market. It's good for trading stocks, ETFs, and futures. But they don't deal many kind of currencies, and last week, their FX app suddenly froze while pondering whether I have to exit the deal. Another securities which I'll transfer is relatively good company when it comes to FX dealing from my experiences. Of cource I reserved most money in the securities for the stock market.

Yesterday I reviewed some pair of currencies. I wrote it down some real papers with pen. And I found some same traits among currency pairs. Wether I can deal with these caractarics is another problem, but I was grown up much more than when I began stock trading. The point is probably proper stop-loss order and never giving up.

So I'm going to study English for a long time. I experienced many fabulous or surprising things thanks for studying English for only one years. So I need to stick to that even if TOEIC score is remaining 695 points forever.