Saturday, June 24, 2017

Listening to English doing other things

I have nothing to say as usual.

As I said in YouTube video, I am listening to BBC while doing other things for about two years. The article of Scientific America says that listening English while doing something else is a good way to support learning English. Your subconscious is listening to the content and reviewing what you have learned.

Actually I'm not sure about because I don't have certain evidence about that. But my feeling is that it's sure that I am learning something during listening to BBC doing other things.

The downside is that your boss won't accept about that in the working hours maybe.

Friday, June 23, 2017

My pronunciation is improving

I don't have anything to say today as usual.

I got 95 points on a pronunciation test.


Recently i'm losing confidence of pronunciation but Voice input method is improving its recognition rate of my voice. So I thought my pronunciation is becoming better by some chance.

But I wondered they can estimate my pronunciation through MacBook's mic.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Still improving

I am sure you are being bored about this kind of thing.
But I am improving my listening skill lately. And I want to encourage myself to learn English more by this blog article.

Recently I have time to practice English listening for about 30 minutes or one hour before studying NHK English course every morning. The Archers, BBC global news, WSJ Live, and YouTube videos in English etc.

I remember that I wrote in this blog that I improved listening skill as if I can input directly in my brain. But the same kind of phenomenon is becoming common, I felt. My daily effort made me a better English listener than the period.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Going to Shinjuku

I am going to Shinjuku to attend the presentation about USCPA course at a prep school next Sunday.

I haven't decided to take the exam yet though, I have to listen about that anyway, and after that I'm considering about the money to prepare.

I'm wondering whether I am qualified for taking USCPA, and that its cost performance is enough to boost my value in the job market. I did already learned about that on the Internet, but I should verify those things.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pondering about the future

As I wrote in Japanese, I couldn't pass pre1 grade Eiken test.

I already knew about that by my self check, so I wasn't so shocked. That is better point than TOEIC test.

I'll continue to learn English as usual, and I'll take the next test in autumn.

I have been blur about after getting high score on TOEIC test or passed pre1 grade Eiken test. But I'm considering getting USCPA. I don't have account or business degrees, so I could only get 'Pass'. I heard that even that is valuable among the job market.

Actually I come to dislike getting a job, especially IT related jobs, which made me suffered from illness for over 10 years. But someday I will be unable to live by national supports. The day when I have to rerurn workforce will come. I need to boost my value in the job market.

I spend tough time when pondering that sort of thing. I sometimes think that I must have died by illness when I was 3 years old employee of a subsidiary of Fujitsu, and that a man getting older without specific standpoint, partner and children is too sad.

Monday, June 19, 2017








Grade pre1 Eiken test, the result is today

I will get that result of Eiken test today.
I know I couldn't pass the exam, so today is nothing special for me as usual.

But I have to admit the result. I will write new article about that in Japanese in the afternoon.

I'll took the autumn's exam again if I couldn't pass the exam exactly. I need to prepare for listening section. This test is teaching me I need it.