Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Strange experience

I realized that strange thing happened.

One day, I tweeted that if you commit a suicide for a black company you should let your bosses die. After that job offer mails from a job transferring service suddenly stoped. And PV of this blog rapidly reduced. These happened at the same time. I'm not sure how that system moved. But I can say they watched my tweets and this blog.

The job service and my twitter account wired only my mail address. So they need to identify me by using some informations about me from my tweets and blog articles. They have nothing to do except of that. That's all I have to say.

I have to clarify about "black company". In Japan, black company means terrible company that happens like karoshi or something. I'm not talking about a racial thing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spoke decently in English

I don't really have anything to write, except of learning English.

As I wrote in Japanese, I took TOEIC practice test yesterday. It was just only reading section of it. I realized that reading smoothly don't make me get high score. That's the different story. The raw score was 74. By some chance it will be more easy to get higher score, but it won't happen in April's test maybe.

However I didn't get tired at all when I finished the practice test. It's the result of the efforts to reading English newspaper and paperbacks. So I'm improving my English Skill totally.

By the way, I'm continuing practicing speaking English on YouTube. This morning I could speak more decently. It's easy to upload to YouTube if you have smartphones or tablets. If it's hard to have a chance to speak English like Japanese English learners, this method is fairly good.

Sunday, March 26, 2017




Part5 24/30 (80%)
Part6 14/16 (87%)
Part7 36/54 (66%)
合計 74/100
予想スコア 295-385(中間値340)


Part5 15分
Part6 24分
Part7SP 52分
Part7DP 1時間3分







Finished reading Holes

I finished reading a novel, Holes.

As ESL learner, it was a little difficult for me, especially vocabulary. Opposite to Search Inside Yourself, the category of the books itself is difficult for intermediate learners like me. But the novel is very fun. I understood why it's recommended among Japanese ESL learners.

Reading the novel took long time. Because I felt difficulty to read it, and I haven't read it at all for a long time. I get breakthrough of reading skill around 3 days ago, and I wanted to try the novel eventually.

Improving reading skill is one of the crucial themes for me recently. I'll continue to reading newspaper in English, and some paperback.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Improving my English helps improving other languages

My reading skill is also improved.

When I was reading English newspaper yesterday, I felt myself reading much faster than ever. After that, I read a Japanese mail magazine and I was reading incredibly fast the sentences.

I guess that improving English reading skill improves whole reading skill, even including Japanese. And I'm even thinking training listening skill is also improving my reading skill. Actually the day before yesterday, I watched YouTube videos intensively. So even if you don't need one dimension of English skill, it's worth to improve the skill.

Recently I'm writing learning English.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Long position of USD/JPY

I had some long position of USD/JPY.

But it hit the stop loss order twice. And I tried again this morning. It's crucial trading point for me, and other trader, so I'm keen to succeed this deal.

I tried to my YouTube video using both iPhone and iPad. iPad indicates FX chart, and iPhone is used to record video. It sounds something strange and I know you want to say to use iMovie. But I want not to use much time to my video. So I intake the stupid way like Japanese TV shows do.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My dentist

I went to see a dentist yesterday.

Actually I'm skeptical about her. I doubt her not doing decent treatment. Of cource it's happening in my mouth. I completely don't know what she is doing in my mouth. But she never say what she is doing in my mouth and how long the remedy will take. But I can't find a perfect dentist for me, so I couldn't change the dentist.

My YouTube video marked Day42, and I'm gradually improving my speech. Temporarily I felt I couldn't improve my speech at all. But even if it's unattractive contents, I'm slowly changing. As I write many time, it's the problem of sustaining.