Monday, December 18, 2017

We had crab

I don't have anything to write this morning.

We had some crab at yesterday's dinner. My brother's wife's parents send us crab. But I had negative emotions after dinner because of some alcohol.

I'm also feeling dull this morning. Alcoholic drink is the production of devil.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Get along with being against you

I want to offer getting along with them.

I heard that someone who fought with me on Twitter did again. The parson is very offensive against other English learners, especially against those who study English with TOEIC test. Again? I thought.

I use TOEIC for my criteria of English skill, and He supposedly approve those things. But he is very irritated by those who think that studying TOEIC itself is directly associated with improving English skill. Partially I can agree with him, but his tweet is often too offensive for many people. That's why I fought against him on Twitter before.

I want to offer him to a bit concede other people who is against him. They are enjoying getting high score simply for itself.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oats meal burned

Kitchen smells like something burned.

Actually, I forgot water in the bowl of oats meal. The oats meal burned in the microwave. I did idiot thing after a long time.

I'm feeling tired this morning for some reason that I don't know. Yesterday, my AppleWatch indicated that I moved over 400 kcal and did over 45 minutes exercise. Exactly I ran for a long time, longer than the day before yesterday. I usually feel tired if I move over 400 kcal.

I had a too much exercise yesterday, maybe. I felt a need to have a rest. I try to stop exercise today. I have a schedule for NHK English but it's not the range of exercise.

Friday, December 15, 2017

I have to go to dentist

I have to go to dentist.

I found my tooth a bit colored, or decayed. I have to clarify that, so I have to go to dentist. I already had a contact with them and I'll go next Tuesday. It's painful to call dentist without toothache. I don't like dentist very much.

I don't have particular thing to say this morning as usual.
So that's it for now.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tsurezure in English

I have nothing to say this morning as usual.

My English skill is now the level where I didn't expect, actually. I thought that it's enough to listen to BBC World Service and read something like newspaper in English. But I can a bit understand Netflix movies and read Sidney Sheldon in English.

Can I want more? I sometimes think. I often think that I'm bored studying English. But that became my daily work, so I couldn't stop easily. I can't imagine the life without studying English and contents in English. I went to the point not to able to discard those things.

Reading aloud is gradually becoming hard for me, though.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Next year will be more aggressive

I don't have anything to write this morning.
So I'll try to write what I come up with.

I heard in my AppleWatch's Bloomberg app that developed country will raise their interest rates. Meanwhile Bloomberg's Twitter account says that BOJ won't, So JPMorgan is investing Japanese real estate and infrastructure. Having read in English, I'm not sure what they are saying.

But Japanese stocks will also be raise soon, I guess. Next year will be more 'investment year' than this year.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017



Apple WatchのOSをアップデートしようと思ったのだが、「インストール」を押した後「確認中…」から進まないので、そのまま普通に使っていた。その後全く変化がないのだが、iPhoneとwatchの再起動したら、今度はその以前の「アップデートを確認中…」で進まなくなってしまった。