Thursday, December 8, 2016

Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland which I wrote about yesterday arrived.

I started reading yesterday. Judging from reading by chapter 3, the sentences are very easy for me, easier than Holes. So I can finish reading the book though it takes many time.

Actually it's my first time to read Alice in the wonderland, and I found her a little idiot. Of cource she is a little girl and the writer intended to let the story funny to be enjoyable for kids. But it contains a lot of his fantasy. I know that I must not want realities in a book for kids. Maybe it's not for me. But I'll read the book to find the unexpected epilogue.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tsurezure Diary

I have nothing to write.

The most crucial matter, Nikkei225, will be better probably. Actually I don't have to worry about that because I have unrealized gain and because I can withdraw anytime if it'll be critically worse. And I heard that most selling forces are Japanese individuals and that buyers are mainly foreign investors. My understanding is that the most idiot investors in Japan are Japanese individuals. I wish I were not one of them.

By the way I ordered a paperback, Alice in the wonderland. It has Japanesy illustrations, which attracted many English learners and Oraku. I read about that anywhere.

And I bought January issue of CNN English Express yesterday. I loaded the CD tracks into my iPad. I have already done December issue about a week ago, and I was doing a part of November issue which I haven't done. I see that January issue will also be done before next issue.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Relatively stable stock market

I'm sorry for writing about stock market again.

I was worried about adjustment of Nikkei225 yesterday. But yesterday's market was more stable than I thought. And I found Nikkei225 future rallyed at last night. It's reassuring.

Probably it'll better today, or move horizontally for a while, I guess.

I was reassured about that. But too much expectation or worrying is wrong, especially for those who are willing to hold in a long time like me. Monkey and cock years move too much, they say. I'll calm down not to be stressed out by stock market.

Monday, December 5, 2016

I felt better just now

I don't actually want to write today.
I'm a little tired.

Maybe I'm afraid of adjustment of Nikkei225. I bought additional ETF at the top of price, so I predict my revenue reduce. In the long run I expect that the price will overcome the level where I bought.

I could know actual result of that after 1 hour.

I feel better after I wrote above line. I will know after only 1 hour. And it's worthless that I afraid of adjustment because I can't control that. I don't need to do anything about that.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

What I did yesterday

I'll write what come to mind.
Hence I have nothing to write.

I have thought that my parents paid my uncle for mandarin orange hunting, but they all are free. I was surprised. Too many mandarin oranges are free.

Yesterday my mother and I went to Oiso in errand. And We had tea at a cafe in front of Oiso station. I like the loyal milk tea.

On the way home, we droped by my brother's family. At first we would invite my elder nephew our home, but he won't go with us. My little nephew wanted to go. We did so. He enjoyed his visiting and he was back home while I slept.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

What studying English improved

I have nothing to write.

I bought a book about "reading a lot" method for learning English. I noticed that I had misunderstood about that. Reading-a-lot method needs reading too easy books a lot for making 'English brain'. I guess I need too much costs to realize it. So I can't do such a thing that the book says.

But wide sense of reading-a-lot, reading English anyway, can be done. I found that Reader's Digest is relatively ideal magazine to do that. Its difficulty is suitable for me, a little easy. And the cost, about 800 yen a month is reasonable compared with other English magazines, The Economist for example.

By the way, my reading skill of Japanese is improved by studying English. I could read the book about 4 hours. I had needed much more time to read a book a few years ago. I don't know the logical reason but reading English aloud caused a good influence to the language related area of my brain, maybe.

Speaking to Japanese skill, I can also say that on writing. You can find on this blog that I couldn't stick to write a theme in a article. But I can write long sentences in a article on this blog lately. Learning English also improves a whole Japanese skill.

I made a habit to study English everyday, but I used to think that studying English is worthless for me. But unexpected benefits was in my brain.

Friday, December 2, 2016

I bought Nikkei225 ETF additionally

My Nikkei225 ETF makes over 15% gains.

And judging from candlestick chart, maybe it'll be great upward trend. So I bought the same ETF additionally. Yesterday's price is too high, but I'm not good at short term forecast for Nikkei225, so I bought it.

I guess it'll reduce its price slightly, but in the long run it'll make big money for me. I'll hold this ETF until next Tokyo Olympic Games.

No risk, no gain.